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Washing your mouth out with soap

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"We know historical Jesus existed. Everyone should know this."

"Are you kut now, Rodney. Then asked if she could hang out in my room for awhile and watch tv since her air conditioner was broke and mine worked, I told her that she could since i was wiyh a game. A few minutes had passed then my sis had grabbed a chair and sat down beside me and started watching me play the game, after a few minutes i felt her rubbing the inside of my left leg.

"You did good, son.

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Washing your mouth out with soap
Washing your mouth out with soap

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Zulkir 3 months ago
Yeah. I left the church about 15 years ago. I find it hard to compartmentalize the contradictions. It felt cowardly to play along and evade reality.
Maujora 2 months ago
Nowadays no doubt Islam. Once they were one worth other. Religion is worst poison known to man.
JoJolkis 2 months ago
That?s not the way that Orthodox Jews take it. They are very serious and have all sorts of prohibitions on what jews can do in regard to the law. But the law can not be enforced outside Israel and it cannot be enforced without a Temple. Even at its height it was near impossible to obtain a conviction for let?s say homosexuality. Their has never been a recorded case of the happening. Without the Temple, their has been no trial for to thousand years.
Yot 2 months ago
Carbon dating will never be accurate, do to the nuclear detonation?s that have taken place, not to mention the burning of coal.
Mebei 2 months ago
However not changing your views on what is and isn?t in Sharia and accepting the obviously bigoted view of Sharia is more about bigotry and disrespect than critique. Because according to the people who should know best tell us that Sharia only covers Muslims and no one else. And that there are many legal ways of escaping from many of the seeming impossible restrictions. We need a lawyer because the simple version of common law says you shall not kill, except we have three or more levels defined as killing ranging from justifiable homocide to premeditated murder. And we know that just because you are charged doesn?t mean either guilt or conviction. But somehow you believe an entire civilization would blithely accept centuries of injustice? That the courts would blindly accept such? And that good sense would never in 1400 years win out over bad dogma?
Sam 1 month ago
I like "Merry Christmas" and "God bless America" so I use them...ESPECIALLY in front of liberal nutbars.
Meztishakar 1 month ago
The simplest answer of course is that their god created this fish-o-dile at the same time as Man, dinosaurs, canine-specific lice, trilobites and all the rest of Creation - and these simply died off. That's why there are none now. Maybe because humans ate them all 5,950 years ago as was their due, having been granted custodianship over all life on Earth.
Akilkis 1 month ago
Interesting. I completely misunderstood you. I had no idea that you would consider the terms 'man' and 'woman' to apply to the sociological and psychological perspective. I thought that the debate would be over the terms 'male' and 'female'. My mistake. I guess I still have a lot to learn about what it means to be intersex (if that is the right term to cover LGBTQ). Ok, so I need to do a quick mental adjustment. 'man' and 'woman' are used for gender identification. 'male' and 'female' are used for biology and physiology. I will try to adjust to that.
Vugar 1 month ago
I can't explain the wind or the experience I had so magic (god) must have done it.
Gok 1 month ago
Mark Twain said it best. "Some People Are Troubled by the Things in the Bible They Can?t Understand. The Things That Trouble Me Are the Things I Can Understand."
Kagabei 4 weeks ago
I expect to see Jesus immediately when I die . the scriptures teach that when one is absent from the body , they will be in the presence of the Lord .
Dakora 3 weeks ago
So you have no proof?
Bralkree 2 weeks ago
You reply is so vulgar and presumptuous that it is not worth reading.
Zur 1 week ago
It?s not a matter of implausibility. It?s a matter of conditions.
Talmaran 5 days ago
"anyone who claims refugee status has a right to a hearing on the matter." - but applying for a refugee status does not require illegally crossing the border, does it? Anyway we speak of asylum applicants, not refugees.
Kajir 4 days ago
Its got nothing to do with mean, and theyre already unglued.

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