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"That's fine, but you're fairly certain, so this is not about lack of belief. It's about a strong certainty that you know you're right. If you think you're too right and you're in control, then "fairly certain belief there is no God" is helping you make decisions regarding religion. Who would you listen to? Well, maybe philosophers who say religion is bad."

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Huge Dick Asian Shemales Suck Each Others Cocks

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Recoded sex tape net
Recoded sex tape net

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Shatilar 4 months ago
The CBC is no longer relevant in today's Canada. They've long gone the way of the Do Do bird over a decade ago when dictating public opinion.
Kazigore 4 months ago
Well yeah, because there isn't a god there.
Mijas 3 months ago
Sorry to hear.
Tutaur 3 months ago
Who was a "war hero"?
Doura 3 months ago
Did your car crash itself? Call now for your part of a $300 million settlement...
Douran 2 months ago
From Thomas Jefferson's famous 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptist Assocation:
Zukazahn 2 months ago
I?m sorry, I assumed the original statement and your own response would be easy to understand. What part didn?t you get?
Tarisar 2 months ago
I was also a young fool in the 70's. I lived near Harvard Square and was into counterculture and drugs, mostly for the drugs. Drugs for us was pot and beer with the occasional hit of acid. I also feel like that was a different life somehow, who I have become is so far from that.
Kajizragore 2 months ago
That's dangerous dear.
Kalkis 2 months ago
It is not relevant to the idea the author is conveying
Doran 1 month ago
Namecalling deleted, moosehorn.
Zulujora 1 month ago
I did not hear God say it... it is a mysterious light that I received that was not received by any of my limited physical senses... and my reading and understanding of this awesome mysterious light is what I am sharing to the whole world...
Tojalmaran 1 month ago
Yeah, it is sad to see how because of false pity for homosexuals the laws go unenforced.
Tulkree 1 month ago
If the apparent irrational murderous behavior of teenage boys directed at learning institutions isnt plain enough to you then i cant help you.
Kazrarr 1 month ago
You are free to be as big of a toll as you wish.
Gokazahn 3 weeks ago
I am watching the Fat Orange Turd lumbering down the sidewalk to meet the G7 leaders and his body language is saying NO ONE LIKES ME, NO ONE Respects me. I'm obese and stupid looking.
Keramar 3 weeks ago
In this case, it was his interview
Telkis 1 week ago
Y'all saying this next year?
Dukinos 6 days ago
I got all the trimmings for the party!!
Daikazahn 4 days ago
Or image :P

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