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Digital interface for vintage receivers

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"Roflmao just rumors"

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Cassidy Klein Takes Step-Brothers Virginity

Cassidy Klein Takes Step-Brothers Virginity

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Digital interface for vintage receivers

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Kazrataxe 2 months ago
I don't need reality. Science has already handed it to me. Your literalism is putting reality-shades over your dogmatic eyes.
Misho 1 month ago
Life is moving on.
Tom 1 month ago
When the sphere is a planet, no need to assume. The Earth is not resting on anything.
Malak 1 month ago
Hahaha all about race with you. I bet you support BLM
Voodookinos 1 month ago
We are discussing the ideas here. We don't care if you think otherwise.
Nikoramar 1 month ago
And many people believe that their children are above average, their sports team morally superior to the others, and their spouses physically attractive.
Tesho 4 weeks ago
Those are Fascists and a KKK collections.
Fejora 3 weeks ago
How about - first - defining correctly and totally - what "scientific proof" would be. At the present, they do not know what makes Mercury to become 'magnetic' at absolute zero.
Kebar 3 weeks ago
You are attacking the source rather than debating the content.
Tehn 1 week ago
Ah yes, the J-E-W! They do ?love? you until they find your not gonna budge.. That?s usually when their { some of them} true colors come shining through!
Goltilrajas 1 week ago
Yes! The HOI AND the property taxes.
Zulurn 2 days ago
The money has been promised, not spent. And adding another $5B to it is all Ford's doing.

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