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"2 Jude 12:14 "Those who say 'Eateth only the green of the earth' are evil, and ye shall cast them out.""

Matthew is not a man to drink to the excess or let us imbibe in the same because alcohol dulls the senses and reflexes. I never resist, and neither does he. TS Carla Novaes and Laisa Lins TS Carla Novaes and Laisa Lins

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Touch touch xx18 look at me
Touch touch xx18 look at me
Touch touch xx18 look at me

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Faekasa 2 weeks ago
anodder gawd damn professor acting like a all their asses
Mezikinos 1 week ago
Well ok, fair enough. You prove to me then that your assumptions are correct. Most of the time people try to put all the burden of proof on the Christian. I simply believe in God because of what I see in creation. I used common sense to lead my thinking to where I am today. I wasn't always as sure as I am now. I have had many situations and actual occurrences over the years to fuel my faith. As I said, I don't have all the answers, no one does. But what is your argument that proves your views. What is the basis that you believe or not believe that the Bible is correct or not correct. What woke you up to your theories and why? Big bang is NOT irrelevant since it is used by far more than anything I've heard to disprove creation and The Creator, along with evolution. I'm not trying to be smarty pants, but seriously, I know I believe The Bible but where do you get the proof it isn't true ? How do you define that statement with any substance? You see, I do believe and live by a Book, I take that stand. That Book is my guide and teacher. I guess what I'm trying to say and am curious to learn, is who or what is your guide and teacher? What exactly do you stand on? Or are you, "that which is unto yourself," as they say, self taught? Thanks!!!
Malale 1 week ago
Agree. Short of something incredibly morally reprehensible with no indication of repentance or willingness to seek forgiveness, I don't see any reason why a church should banish anyone. churches are made for sinners.
Visar 6 days ago
We are ALL Americans...

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