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Bleeding and breast feeding

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"Mid spelling....See what I mean ? ( Mid ) should have been ( mis) My Tablet I call Mr Moses changes words and Letters) artificial intelligence.If I don't keep check... ?? mind you my spelling isn't all that good at the best if times.?? ??"

Horny as I was I took a long, hot shower when I got home and squirreled away some time here and there to fire up my computer and check for another e-mail. "Now breastt small stringy, yet curly hairs are called pubic hairs.

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Bleeding and breast feeding
Bleeding and breast feeding
Bleeding and breast feeding

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Arazragore 2 months ago
Thank you for the clarification.
Got 2 months ago
Don't forget "loving"
Yozil 2 months ago
Your nose and ears don't stop growing. A 800 year old person would have a grapefruit hanging from their face. Reality in the context of biology makes for quick work of biblical claims of miraculous lifespans. The average 1st century Palestinian lived to age 28.
Merg 2 months ago
Not stubborn. It is just such an incredibly stupid argument. Give it any thought at all and its flaws are obvious.
Mesho 2 months ago
There is nothing vague about the passage. I'm sure you are quite familiar with the terms "Fruits of one's Labor" and as such that makes your comment quite disingenuous.
Shasho 1 month ago
just add rum or vodka. far better drink.
Kajim 1 month ago
Where did I ever agree with you, COMMIE?!?
Mezijar 1 month ago
Yes, that would a good idea.
Taran 1 month ago
Why do you say that? Is there something in that field that contradicts what I've just said?
Doulmaran 1 month ago
"generation" is not referring to mankind."
Tokazahn 1 month ago
You libs are funny. You reject even your media when doesn't prove your point of view.
Monos 1 month ago
How do my decisions affect your life and not just your beliefs about how everybody should live their lives?
Fenrirn 1 month ago
You feel that only believer can talk about God's word. I would say that telling someone they can't do something but others can...that is not really nice.
Memi 4 weeks ago
What were you watching last night, jDave?
Nikosho 3 weeks ago
Romney didn't write a book entitled What HAPPENED he went away. He DIDN'T travel the world trying to convince people he wasn't the reason he lost!
Meztizuru 3 weeks ago
That, too. As though polite disagreement can't happen; it has to be screeching and feces flinging.
Nalabar 3 weeks ago
none of it "works" it just does or does not
Zolotaxe 2 weeks ago
What makes you guess that Justice Sotomayor, who officiated at a gay "wedding" several months before it was officially legal, would let her personal beliefs in this subject overshadow her duty .... to... ... oh.
Mezahn 2 weeks ago
What a ridiculous claim. I'm more than ready to 'comprehend' (that IS the word you meant to use, right? Because you APPREHEND a suspect in a crime) this 'spirit' realm. I'm just waiting for any sort of verifiable evidence that it actually exists.
Dijin 2 weeks ago
That was outstanding.
Negrel 1 week ago
Oh grow the F up. Are you really so insecure about your stance here that you want to join Smiley in a desperate move to bash someone's avatar pic? Its from a freaking movie that takes place in the future and its about marines fighting freaking aliens. Good grief man.
Shakanris 3 days ago
Yes. And if one takes a close look at these so-called "medical bankruptcies," a fair number are from claims of "depression" and "anxiety," people who have drug and alcohol problems, and - as you wrote - decided not to get health insurance.

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