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Change of weather and adult asthma

Change of weather and adult asthma
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"Common sense? That's a cop-out. Common sense tells me that you haven't a frikkin' clue what you're talking about and have adopted the very worst form of epistemological approach to life: believing a whole heap of bullshit on that back of no evidence. You can call that "common sense" if you like, but all your doing so does is demonstrate that you don't have any."

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Squirt O Holics 2 - Scene 3

Squirt O Holics 2 - Scene 3

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Change of weather and adult asthma
Change of weather and adult asthma

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Mogore 2 months ago
You're attracted to feces?
Goltik 2 months ago
Wrong and extremely ignorant and simplistic.
Nikozuru 2 months ago
And of course 2Timothy is pseudonymous.
Sarisar 2 months ago
Are you still here, TJ? Sorry, there, plucked chicken. No graduation for you this year. OK, one more try. How is a HOSPITAL different than a Home for the Dying?
Kigarg 2 months ago
Im in agreement
Akik 1 month ago
Free donut day at Dunkin
Vumuro 1 month ago
His friends, not yours.
Tujin 1 month ago
"It's legal to follow you in public 1 foot behind and park in front of your house day after day after day. I'm not plotting anything. I just happened to be there, right?"
Zolokasa 1 month ago
About the gif: The stars are like a "pencil". And it should be: your as(s) got fuck3d. ( Best solution for birth control. )
Nam 1 month ago
False. Problem is then magnified.
Kajigore 1 month ago
If they give him a pass, they just killed the CRA.
Mikarg 3 weeks ago
Nikolar 3 weeks ago
Divine revelation is beyond doubt.
Mikajind 2 weeks ago
Anthony Flew attempted to change the definition in 1976, but his new redefiniton did not catch on until the 2000s, AFTER the rationale that Flew used for his bad definition was rejected even by Flew. This was, ovf course, noted in the linked discussion, but open minded as yo are, i am sure youi did not read the link. ;->
Mikagal 1 week ago
Ebola is a 'curse' to Mankind. So is death. Is this the way you reason? Might as well take a laxative to cut off the cough; you won't dare to cough anymore.
Gardat 6 days ago
Perfect ! That about sums it up, and then some ! The seasons are great!! The first frost always gets me !! On a calm morning, by the water. Nothing like it !!
Dagrel 3 days ago
Precedent they can choose to overturn.

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