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Transgender support salt lake city

Transgender support salt lake city
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Transgender support salt lake city

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Dazilkree 3 months ago
You haven't been paying attention.
Malaran 2 months ago
Good morning I am still alive :)
Akim 2 months ago
Grasping at straws isn't historical evidence. Wishful thinking isn't historical evidence.
Maladal 2 months ago
It is. Read the transcript. Religious freedom is important. That baker was courageous.
Shaktitilar 2 months ago
I hope someday we can excavate under the Temple Mount. That would potentially answer quite a few questions about the construction of the Temple, its date, its size, the materials used, where the materials came from, etc.
JoJomi 1 month ago
I didn?t blame democrats because the republicans can?t force through the bill, I am saying it?s a good thing they actually represent their constituents and not their party first. That?s the problem with leftists, they cannot understand that anyone doesn?t believe their will should be forced on the whole nation.
Zulushakar 1 month ago
True...I suggest the minority, if not a feeble, apathetic bunch lacking intestinal fortitude, selectively blind by choice in the most ardently denied self serving ways...but I digress. IF HER boyfriend is of the ilk you describe...THAT should be made clear/patently apparent based on his reaction to being apprised of what occurred...coupled with whether or not this involves a group of decent actors or sociopaths. lol
Kigis 1 month ago
Yes, of course, I'm aware of that.
Taukora 1 month ago
JBM. TY. I am ?Going Postal?.
Arajinn 1 month ago
Um... isn't that what he's done now? There's no plan to balance the budget. There's not indication what he'll look to, to find efficiencies.
Dulrajas 1 month ago
Duzragore 3 weeks ago
That puddle in the picture - is it in the middle of a dirt road? Was that road made by somebody, it did it just take the shape of the woods it's in?
Doutaur 3 weeks ago
I think you're on drugs and if not, should be.
Shaktira 2 weeks ago
I don't care as long as they uphold the Constitution as written.
Vigrel 2 weeks ago
?The "fact" is he refused to sell them a wedding cake because they were GAY.?
Kazrall 2 weeks ago
OMG... Noooo. I loved her line. So sad.
Vidal 1 week ago
You are beautiful on the inside... FYI sight unseen I would slobber at your feet...

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