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"They may have been watching, but this raid gave them their first access to the documents they would need in order to prosecute the company."

"Do you think I am pretty". Lindsey, in utter shock, didn't move, it didn't even register in her brain that this was reality.

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Best european teen bj
Best european teen bj
Best european teen bj
Best european teen bj

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Ducage 9 months ago
There's no Scotsman like a true one.
Yozshumuro 9 months ago
Personally, I do not think that Donald Trump is smart enough to be an atheist, not that a person has to be smart, but it is at least necessary to have some sort of thought process, and I don't believe that he does. I do not believe that Trump has ever given the existence of gods a single thought.
Nikogrel 9 months ago
Not belief. Knowledge.
Vudora 9 months ago
And you post BS.
Akikasa 9 months ago
I know enough about it to realize more spending and entitlements doesnt help.
Dairamar 8 months ago
Hence him being perfect. The only one who is perfect.
Mikazilkree 8 months ago
That should be on a t-shirt.
Kajimi 8 months ago
"The internet is not the public square."
Faezragore 8 months ago
morning all. lower case is all i can manage right now.
Kejinn 7 months ago
Seems the socialist experiment has been a complete and dismal failure. The voters have spoken, and they've done it in a loud and clear voice. The insanity stops now!
Yolar 7 months ago
You would rule out the possibility that a higher intelligence, besides mother nature herself, is directing the growth of the human family, spiritually, over time?
Maran 7 months ago
If you are a Bible thumper, a fundamentalist then you by definition are a scientific ignoramus. I don't know what articles you're referring to. I know any articles bashing the validity of evolution are written by liars, morons or both. Evolution proves itself every day by producing results. Creationism is a bunch of hokum that could only produce delusions and you are as much proof of that as anyone needs.
Shaktishakar 7 months ago
Soldiers kill in battle, a person defending their life or the lives of others may be forced to kill, and state sponsored executions are killings. Murder is the premeditated unlawful taking of the life another human.
Duran 6 months ago
Should I believe those others who claim they've had supernatural experiences with other gods? Do these other gods also exist?
Shalkis 6 months ago
Nothing about you is special, especially that poor grammar and mindless intolerance.
Voodoozragore 6 months ago
I don't think I ever bonded with someone over food. Except maybe coffee. If he loves coffee. And I love coffee. We both like good quality coffee without being a total douchebag coffee snob...that's good stuff.
Gozahn 6 months ago
Who was the Christian suicide bomber?
Mujin 6 months ago
I'll dumb it down. How do atheists define the supernatural and who are the atheists who define the supernatural in this way?
Taushakar 5 months ago
There are other ways of his music reaching the public, so if anything props to them for being a business that stands for something.
Tukus 5 months ago
i never said there isn't a hell. But it's not forever. There is a final, second death.
Nikozil 5 months ago
I question the intelligence of anyone that uses an overpaid athlete, actor or musician as their moral compass.
Mujinn 5 months ago
Free will like god needs to be defined first. Some definition are not possible. Personally I tend to side with compatibilism.
Kijin 5 months ago
When in our discussions did I ever say that any of this was law? You?re quite the tool. Two bit fraud? And how have I misrepresented my self you pseudo intellectual poseur?
Voodooran 5 months ago
You honestly think a young child is going to ignore anything in a coach in Ikea? It's probably the most interesting thing there.
Zolokora 5 months ago
Right? It's like they get all their talking points from the pastor or something. I suspect these are folks who watch and send money to the Televangelists.
Meztirr 4 months ago
Finally, someone agrees w/me. You cannot lay wars at the feet of a
Gotaur 4 months ago
What makes you guess that Justice Sotomayor, who officiated at a gay "wedding" several months before it was officially legal, would let her personal beliefs in this subject overshadow her duty .... to... ... oh.
Fenris 4 months ago
I'm not criticizing God but the distorted Bible which attributes bad things to God. Also, Jesus is not God and this is one of Bible twisting to the words of God.
Samukree 4 months ago
Not at all. I read the bible daily and always seek to follow what it says .
Sharisar 3 months ago
Lets say you were in a cross walk with your child, and you saw a man about to get hit by a bus. You push your child in front of the bus, save the man, but your child is killed. Are you going to tell me then that you loved the man you saved by pushing your son in front of the bus more than you loved your own son?
Kajilkree 3 months ago
Certainly age does not have anything to do with quality of life. There are plenty of vibrant 90-somethings who enjoy life. Even those who may be bedridden or in other ways incapacitated can still have some degree of quality of life. But there are also people that are on life-support that have no real life, or are in so much pain and suffering that they wish they had no life. Those are the people that are being talked about when thoughts of euthanasia or assisted suicide are discussed. My mom is almost 95, and still in relative good health. But even she asks why she is still around sometimes.
Dum 3 months ago
Let's break it up and go to our corners, now. ??
Kekazahn 3 months ago
Everyone his or her opinion...
Kigagrel 3 months ago
A reckless God, you mean.
Voodoora 2 months ago
What horrible thing have atheists done in the last 20 years?
Best european teen bj

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