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Grandpa mireck at it again

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"Nunyen Sung would be proud the Data is still held in such high regard!"

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Grandpa mireck at it again
Grandpa mireck at it again
Grandpa mireck at it again

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Tull 2 months ago
Look what happened with Adam and Eve. But you need to understand it. God only warns for the danger but does not stop you to do it. So God only warns against murder but does not stop you if you want to do it. God only warns against drinking to much but will not force the drink from you on your road to become an alcoholic.
Zululkis 1 month ago
while it doesn't specify (in
Kigabar 1 month ago
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Faunris 1 month ago
Do you read what you type before yo submit?
Tojajind 1 month ago
I like Bette's single the best.
Zulkizshura 1 month ago
Scientists have done the work and provided the evidence.
Volabar 1 month ago
How can human beings not be considered special when as far as we know we're the only species that can contemplate/entertain the concept/idea in the first place?
Gubei 1 month ago
"Some men do. not. stop."
Vudojin 1 month ago
Yes, because we need to make sure that people who didn't bother to save for retirement are taken care of. Ant, meet grasshopper.
Samulkree 1 month ago
Let the school's principal know about it. Seriously. I had to do this with two Humvee driving orange tan moms at my son's old elementary school. They'd park ON THE GRASS every and act like their owned the place.
Shalrajas 3 weeks ago
It was as the regiment made a last stand and ended up dead or POW. Colonel Kahn got the VC and the regt got a Presidential citation.
Dashakar 2 weeks ago
Since you don't believe in our fantasy book best worry about actual babies being murdered in our current day and age.
Fenridal 1 week ago
To be honest, we have enough people to manage without the two of them. I am going to speak with them any way to let them know.
Grok 4 days ago
They never will

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