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Scott brown gay hate

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"true, but has everything to do with winning the up coming mid terms, like I said, drove him nuts, where were the millions of illegal votes he lied about ?"

He loved Candy, and he loved Deana and Gloria. Ash was wailing like a slut, as I looked in time to see the Sr.

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A lot of them were flocking out of the pool now that the waves died.

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Scott brown gay hate

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Judal 4 months ago
Conservative media hasn't done that and Trump hasnt used that BROAD brush of which you speak.
Nijinn 4 months ago
No. Why would I?
Vuzahn 4 months ago
It beats last place and golfing.
Moogulrajas 3 months ago
Why do you have such a hard-on for Shawsy?
Nelkree 3 months ago
On the contrary, I was highlighting the word "it's" because it was my favorite thing about your comment. You can always learn grammar.
Vogor 3 months ago
You know creationism isn't science? That evolution is science? At last.
Daigis 3 months ago
Hahaha! Why not? It?s an event...right? ????
Shaktikus 3 months ago
Making a list of everyone who isn?t here ...I see you,mod blocking effers
Gall 2 months ago
It shows you don't understand Biology women don't have "balls", but we are as resolute as anyone else...
Diran 2 months ago
Trump's supporters, at least the ones I've encountered on Breitbart and elsewhere, refuse to acknowledge any facts whatsoever that run counter to what Trump or the right wing web sites tell them. There are a few reliable web sites for which I regularly attach links and, when those web sites are in one of my posts, that post is immediately marked as spam. Very few right wing types ever read principled conservative journalists like Hugh Hewitt.
JoJogis 2 months ago
What they say's irrelevant. Christians are guilty of slaughtering countless innocent Jews.
Kajigal 2 months ago
Sh, don't confuse him with facts.
Kajishakar 2 months ago
1. The answer is no but someone understanding of the facts can change. Eg: it has always been wrong to own a human as property even when the God/bible said it was okay.
Marg 2 months ago
She's a beautiful woman, no doubt. It wasn't her, though. It was the dress. The dress, even though plain, would've looked stunning if it had fit her better.
Malarisar 1 month ago
The new Off Topic discussion is now open for the day:
Doule 1 month ago
So you can?t provide an estimate?
Mahn 1 month ago
Your wife is an idiot.
Fejind 1 month ago
Burn down the neighbor's house so there will be no blonde visible in your backyard nor the opportunity for another to move in. Also, make sure your boyfriend marries you before you pull out the scorched earth tactic for keeping other women away.
Voodoolmaran 1 month ago
You need to get yourself a copy of 'Hollywood Babylon' by Kenneth Anger. It's chock full of lies and BS and all of it very salacious. Heck, some of its lies are repeated as urban legends even today!
Moogukora 3 weeks ago
:-) The etymology of "barbarian" is "doesn't speak greek." Why do you think the main language God operates in is Greek? That's not what the bible teaches... it's probably Hebrew.
Vudojind 3 weeks ago
Yes, the ceremony is more important to me, even though the party is more fun. I like seeing them become a married couple.
Taugore 2 weeks ago
I do that to my bed too. I don't tuck them in at home. My Mom and my Sister-in-Law make these super tight military corners that make me feel like I'm in a straight jacket. I always pull them free.
Yozshugal 2 weeks ago
"Now, whether this is intelligent design or a big bang who knows." - posted by mooska
Daill 1 week ago
L. Ron Hubbard could answer that, but he died in 1986.

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