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"Every detail in the Word of God is there by design. God is the designer."

She worked her way down taking more and more in till it reached the back of her throat. " The women start to exchange a few glances at each other, when my wife's sister pulls her shirt over her head and reached behind to unfasten her bra.

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Americas next top model 2 nude

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Doutaur 9 months ago
Are you ready to Par-tay?!?!?!
JoJoktilar 9 months ago
Still show as bumps but I wear a hat usually. A jaunty fedora!
Dasar 9 months ago
I disagree. Not knowing how something works doesn't mean that it looks like a god is doing it.
Nikojin 9 months ago
What a ridiculous claim. I'm more than ready to 'comprehend' (that IS the word you meant to use, right? Because you APPREHEND a suspect in a crime) this 'spirit' realm. I'm just waiting for any sort of verifiable evidence that it actually exists.
Dabar 9 months ago
Except, of course, it doesn't. Any other creationist lies you need cleared up?
Shaktirr 8 months ago
Thanks for explaining. Are you saying you live as though there is no right or wrong? Do you have a conscience with regard to the wrongs that you do?
Takree 8 months ago
Linking to old comments appears to be pretty much all he CAN do. He seems to get off on making people following a twisting trail of nonsense to get nowhere.
Duzuru 8 months ago
Bet you were burned Bowling Green was covered up, connie. LMAO!
Meztijind 8 months ago
He insulted John McCain. He insulted LaDavid Johnson. It wasn't just one instance of his vomit-inducing language towards those who bravely served where he refused to.
Mazuzshura 7 months ago
God doesn't need to use manipulation to get us to obey, he just kills when we don't. Drowned everything.
Tygokazahn 7 months ago
????? Gosh you?re reaved up over me talking like a hillbilly??? Lolol
Grojinn 7 months ago
Its not a surprise that he is threatening Harley with more taxes nor that the GOP is taxing churches. They have to pay for those tax breaks given to oligarchs somehow....
Kazrak 7 months ago
I understand God and find it ridiculous. Perhaps it's just me, but why would the creator of the universe care about who we have sex with?
Karn 7 months ago
Yes, of course, I'm aware of that.
JoJobar 7 months ago
No, Left-wingers scream "rights" and make a travesty of real rights.
Kem 7 months ago
Actually, I do.
Samukora 7 months ago
1) if talking about scripture it's appropriate to point to scripture when making a point.
Muzahn 7 months ago
Nice hyperbole... :P
Kazragul 6 months ago
God tells these people to buy multiple jets? Seems like God doesn't give a damn about the poor and suffering, only those that need a fresh plane each time they travel.
Kebar 6 months ago
If there is no objective standard to base whether or not any given proposed moral is good or not, then you can?t say that a given moral is objectively better or worse than any other. It?s only objectively different.
Americas next top model 2 nude

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