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Nude lady in nylons

Nude lady in nylons
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"Yes the two question are not the same and get continually conflated. Did a male Jew with the name Jesus live in first century Palestine? Very Very Very few people would argue no. Is the bible (new testament gospels) an accurate recording of his words and deeds? This is the part that is argued and debated. The fantastic claims are not supported by the evidence and thus faith (believing something without enough evidence or justification)."

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Nude lady in nylons

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JoJozilkree 9 months ago
Do you consider personal feelings to be associated with reason?
Vocage 9 months ago
Capitalism was first described by Marx as a special form of market economy that emerged in Britain in the 17th century. Easy reading: Kautsky, "Economic doctrine of Marx".
JoJokinos 9 months ago
That's why you're so smart.
Dolar 9 months ago
So the existence of the Pythagoreans, Pompeii, Julius Caesar and Silius Italicus is uncertain. So any information gleaned from artifacts dug up from say Egypt, Iran and Iraq is equally uncertain. So the
Dujin 8 months ago
Abortions = cost savings
Narn 8 months ago
It?s not just Trump! GOP cons in congress represent the wealthy only, while the libs get their votes by helping the poor. The middle class gets screwed by having to pay for both ends.
Zulkisida 8 months ago
Any sex that isn't under marriage is sin in the bible. And the bible clearly defines marriage between a man and a woman. Christ did this himself. You're not very well learned, at best.
Grosho 8 months ago
Because none of what you mention constitutes "proof".
Malalkis 8 months ago
"To say that abortion is "killing a baby" is in actual scientific fact, the truth. "
Metaxe 8 months ago
The trans woman is a trans woman. Let's leave it at that.
Vijind 8 months ago
Tired of commies digging into people's Fakebooks and Social Media and looking for little grains of sand that they don't like :)

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