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Chitchatters my first sex teacher

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"It only extends unless that child needs clean air or clean water."

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Chitchatters my first sex teacher

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Mausho 10 months ago
No it's correct.
Grokasa 10 months ago
I have this recurring dream where I participate in an online forum where a significant population of the participants claim things like demonic possession, divine intervention, miracles, and the like. Every time I ask them for evidence or solid logical arguments that back up their claims, nothing tangible is presented.
Shakak 10 months ago
We do, Leslie, in our hearts. : )
Todal 9 months ago
I didn't say anything about "talking about". I pointed out it's cliche to use the "but Hillary" "but Obama" excuse.
Kigajin 9 months ago
You're laughing at yourself, too?
Zolodal 9 months ago
Yes, you were told to say it after working to show you wanted that to be your allegiance. Congrats and welcome, countryman.
Dikora 9 months ago
I'm sure you are more humble than I am... /s
Momi 9 months ago
Sin to you. Not to a non Christian
Fenrik 9 months ago
He's come in on me in the middle of a panic attack and calmed me down countless times... No one else can do that for me.
Daishakar 8 months ago
Well, that's a bombshell!
Najin 8 months ago
Historically you have that reversed. Murder, rape and plunder was almost always the first order of business.
Golticage 8 months ago
Exactly - I wouldn?t trust that they didn?t add some ?special? ingredients.
Gugore 8 months ago
If you'll sit and listen as to what we think your problem is, and how our particular brand of religion will "save" you, we'll deem you worthy of a sandwich. This time.
Vuktilar 8 months ago
Some form of criminal action against those filing false claims seems appropriate. It should be related, in some aspect, to the seriousness of the charges. I don't know if mandatory jail is a required, but it should be a possibility based on the circumstances, motivation, and how far the accusations went, and impact upon the falsely accused. ,
Fenrigrel 8 months ago
So the left is uncivil back. Why is the left better?
Banris 8 months ago
The friend got the girl. . .her wing-girl excused herself to 'powder her nose'. . . . I guess she was the one who drove since she forgot to come back to the table.

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