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">>"What Ive presented over and over again are cases where Christian groups, churches, university assemblies are hijacked by leftist crybullies who cannot handle dissenting views."<<"

After only a few seconds they were both completely naked, his boner standing very much to attention, painfully so with its yearning to be inside her once again.

I like the feel.

A dinner and a shower before anal with Anissa Kate

A dinner and a shower before anal with Anissa Kate

Although sensual, it was easy to tell this was a man on a mission and that mission was to get his tongue as far up, in or around my pussy that he could.

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Daily celeb nude pic
Daily celeb nude pic

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Dorr 8 months ago
If you say so! Haha conservatives are so backwards! Whatever you're doing keep it up!
Zuluzilkree 8 months ago
"I recycle, drink responsibly, and try to reduce my carbon footprint!"
Dalrajas 8 months ago
If anything a PC win in Ontario will help seal a Liberal win in 2019.
Tekazahn 8 months ago
No you just don't comprehend more than one world view, don't have a sense of humor, and probably bore a date to tears.
Yokree 7 months ago
No worries, i still prefer comic books in print??
JoJosho 7 months ago
I am sorry my innocent use of the word Dude triggered you. It should not of, but I will stop it, to be nice.
Yobar 7 months ago
Actually, archaeology is the very thing that cast doubt on the existence of Moses and the story of Exodus being real. The current understanding so far as I have read is that Exodus is based upon an earlier Egyptian exodus story. Read "The bible unearthed", written two Israeli archaeologists who determined based upon the evidence, that Moses is likely a character conglomeration of several different stories mashed together, which is why it is so disjointed. For example the story of him being placed in a basket on a river, was copied from an earlier story of King Sargon of Akkad. Anyways, not that any of this will matter to you, just wanted to point out that there is evidence to the contrary.
Dougor 7 months ago
Do you really need me to repeat your argument?
Meztishicage 7 months ago
How many Americans? tax dollars are being embezzled in that piece of work?
Faebar 6 months ago
Is math discovered or invented?
Merr 6 months ago
Yes - why wouldn't he?
Kazraran 6 months ago
If it is not right, then it is a lie - there is no in between - it is either yes or it is no, it is either true or it is false.
Gashura 6 months ago
I have no UK heritage.
Nazilkree 6 months ago
Some (many, in fact) conservatives are, indeed shameful.
Samurg 6 months ago
King James English: good enough for Jesus, good enough for me.
Fenrishicage 5 months ago
I would call it close minded. There is more than enough evidence that the Bible is true, and that YHVH God is the creator.
Vudom 5 months ago
Which is worse, the one that has the foundation of good and does evil anyway or the one that makes his evil up as he goes?
Gardajin 5 months ago
I knew I'd given you an out!
Samutaxe 5 months ago
In all fairness, a reasonable person wouldn't believe the Jesuits were trying to take over the world. Don't let that stop you.
Daily celeb nude pic

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