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"You've explained your perspective as to why you think it is good that government can control the thought and behavior of private entities. You just haven't understood that implementing such restrictions tramples on the rights of the private entities in the many ways that I have well explained to you. Those rights trump your good intentions."

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" I greeted Daniel with a kiss to his cheek and Hans with a friendly handshake. Take as much time to read through them as you wish John. He stopped whining about having something to drink and seemed eager to talk about all the rides they had been on today.

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Free pornstar gina lynn videos
Free pornstar gina lynn videos
Free pornstar gina lynn videos

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Togis 9 months ago
That makes your comment ridiculous
Nizragore 9 months ago
Technically I agree but I would for sure not tell to i.e. 18. years old kid ... well ... you know tooth fairy we do not know 100% if does not exists in some remote part of universe. :-) Even this theoretically is possible for sound conversation for sure tooth fairy does NOT exists. Until proven differently.
Branos 9 months ago
On April 23rd a young man drove a rented van into a crowd of people in toronto killing 10 and injuring 16 more.
Vojin 8 months ago
1: Because the Bible are full of inconsistencies like this
Zurg 8 months ago
Lol! Can?t take it? You dems can?t take ICE defending our country from illegal aliens calling to abolish ICE but we can?t take it? There have been no calls from the republicans calling for the closing of the red hen but you dems are calling for the abolishment of ICE lol! It sounds like you are the ones who can?t take it!
Molkis 8 months ago
No need for insults.
Nikorg 8 months ago
To each his own then.
Shashicage 8 months ago
Ah okay. I don't really agree with that definition of objective. Objective doesn't just mean "popular" or "consensus" it means independent of personal feelings or opinions - not just yours -
Yogor 8 months ago
Same as with the wedding cake silliness here in the US. Masterpiece Bakeshop had 17 employees and 2 locations, the owner could have let someone else make and decorate this cake. The florist had a long time employee that quit when told to treat customer's illegally. I bet Eryn would have been more than happy to have taken care of the happy couple's order from counter to register.
Vizshura 7 months ago
Thanks for the dry heave.
Kigabar 7 months ago
I'd say you are in your rights to tel him you are leaving. But if you want to try and salvage this, its going to take a lot. and that its going to take a major change on his part. An emotional affair is the same as cheating in my book. He's lost any expectation of trust, and it will take years before he should expect to get it back.
Gulabar 7 months ago
Oh, Tex...We'll throw you a party. It can be a "Glad I was born with a penis" party!
Mazuzragore 7 months ago
Matthew 24:27 Every person on earth will know when Jesus comes again.
Kegrel 7 months ago
If they strongly believe their proof is the conclusion it does.
Kajigami 7 months ago
Thanks for wasting my time Danny.
Mazuktilar 7 months ago
So then if you standard is independent verification you can throw out all of antiquity since the Bible is one of the few antiquated documents with independent verification.
Sam 6 months ago
Youre post calculated an opinion (America is being respected again) as a lie. I?m glad it did, because it discredits the accusation of Trump lying over 3000 times. Opinions can?t be considered a lie.
JoJoktilar 6 months ago
Curious....On January 20, 2017, when Obama left office, Debt was $19.947 trillion.
JoJobei 6 months ago
You are not grasping the allowing of religious exemptions will bring back the "No blacks", "no females" and all kinds of discrimination as its the very same legal argument.
Nigal 6 months ago
eh. When I a preteen I never really bothered with the notion of dating... not in my mind set. I didnt start dating till after 18.
Vudosida 6 months ago
I would add that being offensive is different than incitement, libel, slander, etc.
Shakajar 5 months ago
You go. . .grandma and grandpa!
Muran 5 months ago
And its not any particular genders role or duty to be the one asking.
Grok 5 months ago
I believe some polls have shown that in the US atheist are less trusted than Muslims!
Akilrajas 5 months ago
why is it an ad hominem rant?
Arazuru 5 months ago
I hope so too, it is a nice feeling I'm not sure I deserve
Najinn 4 months ago
Did they show up to the right place? Then no, it's not.
Mezigore 4 months ago
Enjoy your weird fantasy.
Kajijas 4 months ago
and if he's perfect, is it EVEN possible to create something imperfect?
Samugore 4 months ago
No, he predates creation. That is why he is called god.
Gardarn 4 months ago
"It's about feeling something."

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