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"Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with this. Comment on the topic or not at all."

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POV Super Show 38 - Scene 1

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How to make cum taste better
How to make cum taste better

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Dizil 6 months ago
Free doesn't mean benefit the 1% and not society as a whole. Republicans version of free economy is not giving people what they want.
Faeramar 6 months ago
After you prove that fraud comes in degrees.
Mikar 5 months ago
I'll settle for booze and Netflix.
Kigar 5 months ago
That's the great thing about dogma.
Kajizuru 5 months ago
Not yet? That would be a bit presumptuous, wouldn't it?
Aragul 5 months ago
This might be a good start to educate people on macho behavior that makes women feel less or that makes them uncomfortable. The problem is that situations like these divide people into trwo extremes when it should be clear this situation is dumb and not up for discussion.
Gojora 5 months ago
Free speech is fine if he doesn't want to stand for the national anthem fine. But the NFL can still disagree with him and they have the right not to hire him
Nikoll 4 months ago
Don't worry. We'll think of a name for it.
Zulumi 4 months ago
You don't think Trump is a racist? Serious question: why?
Sarr 4 months ago
I explain existence based on the available evidence--there is a visible universe, which has an unknown cause, but we are products of this universe.
Vudoran 4 months ago
I am glad I got circumcised because women almost unanimously agree they prefer circumcised men over guys with stinky smegma under their foreskin. Good luck with women with that hideous, smelly and nasty appendage.
Bajinn 3 months ago
Sounds like it would hurt.
Makasa 3 months ago
I don't get that he is paranoid, more worried about going out of state to hang out with people neither have them met in real life.
Vur 3 months ago
Ooooowwwww gravity! One of my nemesis
Tygotilar 3 months ago
Just like a Leftard to say something stupid, get called on it, then double down. Good job. Thank you for your contribution. #WalkAway
Vudorg 3 months ago
Do we have evidence for them?
Melar 3 months ago
Please check out my response below. It?s not about mechanistic scientific complexity. The issue isn?t Science. It?s Existential Philosophy, at least, not Science. It?s a different Epistemology. He?s demonstrating the Scientism fallacy, like Dawkins and the rest.
Faular 3 months ago
Just saying 242 and 898 (Dom. Rep. I think) are used by scammers as they look like intra-country calls.
Akinokazahn 2 months ago
Seeing as all you can do is shout names .. I am quite a few steps above you .
Kazramuro 2 months ago
Child, I offered such an argument when this OP was first posted. I only came back to read more. Peterson's ramblings about witches seemed a good hypothetical example of bad argumentation for anything unseen/unknowable, so I added that one.
Maule 2 months ago
I am not arguing. Either the phrase is poetry, art, or fictional, or it is authoritative. Make up your mind.
How to make cum taste better

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