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Nude models on runway

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"People don't always value 'facts' over their feelings. that's not something unique whatsoever to the religious."

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Nude models on runway

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Zunos 8 months ago
I said new splits as in forming internal barriers on to developing novel complex structure. Its the entire idea of evo and gradualism etc. No one cares about small changes. We all know about it, accept it. Its IN the bible...multiply according to their kind
Toshura 8 months ago
Seems like a waste of time and hair to me.
Brakinos 8 months ago
it could but the difference I see for atheists, especially those that are 'ex-religious' have taken the time to analyze the evidence. Their minds are changed after studying the evidence.
Kamuro 8 months ago
Its all you are worth.
Mosar 7 months ago
And rightfully so!
Kigakazahn 7 months ago
"does Christianophobia exist?"
Mikatilar 7 months ago
So you agree parents should be allowed to let their kids smoke and drink or watch porn etc. So long as they sincerely believe it's ok to abuse
Kigagal 6 months ago
So if YOU take the bible as literal truth, then is the earth flat?
Mar 6 months ago
Actually: until the Romans said "Okay, you can live on our side of the Rhine, but you can live under your laws."
Maujind 6 months ago
Yes: a little gluttony is good for digestion!
Mikakree 6 months ago
Pancakes it is.
Nebar 6 months ago
There are limits to their accuracy, but there is no reason to doubt the results either.
Kalrajas 6 months ago
Hahahahaha yeah but how many were Christian before they went in?
Kimuro 5 months ago
Don't know. If they delayed gratification, waited to have children, and stayed in school (and at their jobs), they would not have financial problems unless they started taking dope or buying more than they need or can afford.

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