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"You can write it in Klingon for all I care. It doesn't change the fact that there were religious organizations completely funding the "Vote NO" side of the issue. Additionally, as I said before, the religions of the SCJ have nothing to do with their rulings."

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SisLovesMe - Surprised My Stepsis With Cock

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Spa md ratings asian
Spa md ratings asian

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Tygorisar 10 months ago
If you enjoy pathetic gossip, why do you get triggered when your past is exposed?
Dogami 10 months ago
I could never buy secondhand clothes at a flea market. Just the thought makes my skin crawl. Yes, I was bitten as a child. I was the youngest of three children in my family. Do you have any idea of how traumatic it is for a preteen boy to go to school each day wearing my sister's hand-me-down peddle-pushers and patent leather tap shoes?
Kigal 10 months ago
That's OK. That's where you're at right now. Maybe someday you will be approached. Maybe it will be a long time before that happens. In the meantime, it makes no sense to be depressed to eat alone, because you've made the decision to not make the effort. If the thought of being alone pops up at lunch again, don't be tempted to become sad. Remind yourself it's the choice you've made.
Meztigul 10 months ago
But if a white guy says, obama won because he was black... that would be racist.
Zulkigal 10 months ago
I can help.
Ball 9 months ago
The idea that sexual is better than asexual is all hindsight. After all, it was evolution that ingeniously came up with this idea and perfected it, right? It could have easily done the same for asexuality. After all, evolution can make things evolve for the better. And seeing there are just is as much advantage as disadvantage for both, so it's not necessarily as simple as, nature just lead us here. If evolution is true, I can see diversity in sexuality: both sexual and asexual and maybe even bisexual and trisexual among virtually all the species! Why is evolution limited? Natural selection shouldn't mean natural elimination, yet for a legacy theory's sake we are forced to believe that.
Meztik 9 months ago
This is just a silly assertion. Freedom of religion and freedom of speech and not the same thing just because they're enumerated in the same amendment. Freedom of speech was written specifically to give the right to publicly challenge one's government without fear of reprisal. At no point did it cross over to include knocking on someone's door at 9am on a Saturday to tell them about the 'good news.' That's not free speech. That's trespassing.
Akir 9 months ago
He was better than the rest of them...that was worded poorly, I just wanted to make the point that i suddenly had a hard on for Russia because of what's his
Tami 9 months ago
I'm old, okay? And I grew up in a small, isolated town. The first time I ever say a lady with a tattoo was when I was eighteen, drunk, and stopping by McDonald's to pee. I was shocked! Shocked I tells ya! She didn't look easy, either. She looked like she could kick anyone's ass.
Faem 9 months ago
Ah well then that's the same as what we feel about you and your claim of a god. Except you aren't that smart because fell for the trap of religion...there's no difference between believing in a non existent god where without evidence or non existent aliens without evidence..whos the real fool? LOL
Mern 9 months ago
The Republicans control Congress and the White House, not the Democrats.
Zulutaur 8 months ago
We also have the community of Rooster Poot.
Akijinn 8 months ago
Thanks for the thoughtful response, greenpeace. Again, we are on very similar pages. I agree with your view of how the economic paradigm needs to change, I like you theological influences and share many of the same philosophical influences. I too am a big fan of Varela, Spinoza, Bohm... since you mention a holographic model... are you a fan of Bergson? I think of his approach as aligning with a holographic-esque thinking very neatly. Jung is another favorite of mine, and since you mention Transpersonal Psychology, I assume you're probably a fan as well. Yes, Heraclitus certainly fits in with process philosophy or theology, though its his view of the divine logos and cosmos is fundamentally paradoxical (very much unlike the Stoic conception of logos, in that respect). I think Heraclitus's paradoxical approach aligns intriguingly with the gospels, given the overabundance of paradoxes found in the gospel stories and teachings.
Dok 8 months ago
Her dreams are pretty horrific (she also dreams of being set on fire, drowning, etc.) But how does one banish a dream?
Dojinn 8 months ago
It wasn't illegal when the Clintons did it.
Akisida 7 months ago
Right as you said above it's the equal pay means no opening doors. One has nothing to do with the other.
Kejar 7 months ago
100% of astrophysicists agree that the universe was created supernaturally
Jule 7 months ago
Is eyewitness testimony exact that would tell me they copied each other. So Christ died ad 33 and the temple was destroyed in 70 ad there is no mention anywhere in the new testament that talks about the temples destruction. Mostly placing the writing of the gospels before 70 ad.
Spa md ratings asian

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