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"Do you use plastic or metal hangers?"

Her ass was kinda big, but I knew it would take a pounding. Jake was getting a little uncomfortable and pissed off at the same time.

Japanese panty fetish

Japanese panty fetish

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Wild leather cowboy sex

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Taujin 6 months ago
Apparently you have never heard of the "Geographic Argument" against religion and god, that where a person is born decides which religion and which god a person believes in. It's a pretty common understanding.
Kazrat 6 months ago
Yes... I protect myself, i learned how very young and i am VERY proficient! I try to protect others... yeah...major fail.
Kigatilar 6 months ago Isaiah 19-30
Samukree 6 months ago
We only have traffic laws so people don't crash into anything.
Tataur 6 months ago
It is a lie because America has never had so little respect. You can call it opinion all you want. Changes nothing about reality.
Tot 5 months ago
How many girls does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Tatilar 5 months ago
Better. I determined it by observation over about 46 years.
Tygoshicage 5 months ago
I'm an atheist of 6 years (ex-Christian to be precise). I've been in a mutually sexually monogamous marriage for 11 years. My wife cheated on me last year and I forgave her. My forgiving her had absolutely nothing to do with my prior (weak) belief system. #GoodWithoutGod
Maucage 5 months ago
Indeed. And the Romans spoke Latin and Greek, not 'Roman.' There was no 'Aramaic' civilization. There was a Hebrew one, certainly.
Fezilkree 5 months ago
Honestly, you really need to give it a rest you poor thing.
Voran 5 months ago
You do realize, I trust, that the challenges you formulated have to be answered by you, the believer, as well.
Jucage 4 months ago
Due to the weirdness of quantum mechanics, "nothing" transforms into something all the time. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle states that a system can never have precisely zero energy and since energy and mass are equivalent, pairs of particles can form spontaneously as long as they annihilate one another very quickly.
Turamar 4 months ago
OMG, I'm getting sick to my stomach. :(
Mikataxe 4 months ago
"We know that Europe did not advance much at all for 1000 years of Christianity." You know nothing of the kind if by that you are implying lack of progress in the natural sciences was due to Christianity or that Christianity had nothing to do with the advancement of science. What you know is that at a certain point in history a sufficient amount of knowledge was built up that things began to snow ball just as today, because of our knowledge built on past information (including computing), we are progressing much faster then we were 40, 80, 100 or more years ago. There was actually quite a lot happening before the so called Enlightenment which in fact made that particular period of history possible.
Kekasa 4 months ago
Buddhists, Hindis, and Muslims have lives changed over night. Its almost as if it were people changing their minds or being convinced rather than a god doin git.
Meztinos 4 months ago
It has everything to do with how they're processed. They deliberately overwhelm a system, at the instigation of the leftists, not designed to handle the wave of illegals that have arrived and expect to have their criminal entry excused because they aren't being processed immediately. There is no responsibility to accommodate criminals on their terms. They have a responsibility to obey the law or face the legitimate effects of its enforcement.
Yokazahn 4 months ago
Hugs to you
Zulkile 4 months ago
You responses on this topic are on point today.
Malazahn 3 months ago
What do you mean mass/energy has always existed in SOME form? Don't say "some" form, say explicitly what form you have knowledge of. Can you do that?
Tarn 3 months ago
BJ's or buttfucking, what do you prefer?
Nell 3 months ago
I don't have a good answer for your last question. I don't have a poor answer either. My father was in total denial when I was a kid, and at 84 he still is....Wow, you both have been through a lot of torment and suffering. Glad you and your half-brother survived and hope you lead a relatively normal happy life.
Wild leather cowboy sex

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