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Free post cum swallow
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"Most of the participants here write funny rubbish. Which is sometimes entertaining."

I walk in and stop in the middle of the room. Insert some of Gregs SuperSpunk into a vagina, preferably immediately before or after orgasm, and collect the juice that accumulates over the next hour or so.

Perfect brunette sucking her bfs cock

Perfect brunette sucking her bfs cock

I don't know why I said that. He had his camera phone out, taking a video of the whole event. Her sunglasses were up on her head now and she was staring me in the eye.

"This one, small as she is, is deep. She goes straight to our hidden stash in the bottom drawer and pulls out our new 7-inch strap on. Her spare clothes were in her bag.

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Free post cum swallow

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Yolmaran 10 months ago
ah good point.
Maunos 9 months ago
Lmao oh yeah. The pizza place smh. And the SBUX incident which started all of these things getting more exposure.
Kiganris 9 months ago
I don't hate the poor. I want to help them think differently, become independent and get rich.
Kajirn 9 months ago
you can remind me, but I don't agree.
Taura 9 months ago
I?ve been stating repeatedly what it?s not and my reasons for stating it.
Malashura 9 months ago
You mean, vetting people who may or may not possess a religious ideology that may harm people of this country? If the Christians were doing this I'd green light it too.
Shakakus 8 months ago
Not at all... not frustrated, obviously not striking out either. So every scientist on the planet is in total agreement with your chicken-little theories? No you say? Then no striking out here...
Mern 8 months ago
Nice try. You claimed quadratic equations only existed in a 1984 textbook. But somehow, you keep twisting it into me not understanding analogies and parables.
Netilar 8 months ago
Create a new topic! :-)
Mujin 8 months ago
LOL! That's a LEGIT reason...
Kajirg 8 months ago
Nobel is not going to award a peace prize to that thug.
Fenrit 8 months ago
But but but it was cool at my place.. HOAX!!!!
Kabar 7 months ago
next time dont bother cleaning at all. if shes going to bitch anyways at least make sure its for real.
Yodal 7 months ago
If Adam were the first Hebrew, where and how did he learn Hebrew?

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