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Hands on job training methods

Hands on job training methods
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Hands on job training methods
Hands on job training methods
Hands on job training methods
Hands on job training methods

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Vizragore 10 months ago
I don't know what Equinsu said, but my first post with them was "The only things funnier than fat shaming are racism and rape jokes.". They have, like, no sense of humor at all. I used an e-mail address generator and made myself a couple of accounts to go back and look, and those self-righteous twats talked about me on that post for two days after I was banned and deleted.
Momuro 10 months ago
Of course not! :)
Akirisar 10 months ago
Boy, I don't know about the "slippery slope" of holding parents accountable except in very obvious cases where the parent knew the kid was talking about killing people and then the parent negligently allowed a minor access to firearms (ie - ammo available, and guns not locked up). That said, the NRA has boycotted manufacturers that tried to sell their firearms with safety devices... so Republicans that want to start charging parents ought to think about whether gun manufacturers can be sued as well.
Mazragore 10 months ago
Actually, a large part of the reason there are so many homeless in SF is that there are many services for them.
Kagacage 9 months ago
Your pesonal testimony is merely anecdotal and therfore not relevant.
Tujora 9 months ago
lol What's a peasant ad hate her.
Mikamuro 9 months ago
Yea, I agree with that as the way it was worded. But there are those who conflate that with the idea that there should be no laws to protect people from racism. The fact is that there are racists, and there has to be laws to protect the rights of others from that racism.
Yozuru 9 months ago
I pay my taxes. And they can move. I moved for better work. It ain't rocket science.
Duzilkree 8 months ago
Really? In 887CE, a Christian monk named Vetus Syndicon said that all of the books, apocryphal and canonical were placed on an altar, where upon the council prayed for god to decide and all of the non canonical books fell off the altar.
Motaxe 8 months ago
False. Just false. That is the simplest way to put it. No, they were not adopted by Christianity, they were adopted by the Roman Catholics. Big difference.
Milkis 8 months ago
Funny youre the only one that couldn't grasp it.
Mazshura 8 months ago
Why do you think it won't change?
Garr 7 months ago
If you insist upon satisfaction, I'm afraid we have no other option but gentlemanly pursuits.
Mijar 7 months ago
Real milk if your body can handle it. Almond milk tastes like water.
Maunos 7 months ago
Start?? The right started doing all three of those things at their oh-so-tolerant Trump rallies.
Makasa 7 months ago
god made man in his perfect image.
Dousho 7 months ago
I had an Aunt who believed that.
Nikojar 6 months ago
Perhaps I wasn't clear in my phrasing - I mean, to be
Mozilkree 6 months ago
You're right. Who else but a racist would force rich white communities to integrate.
Gagar 6 months ago
So, "equality" should be verboten in public schools?
Maugul 6 months ago
I just asked questions. I assume I was banned - permanently - because my questions probably indicated I did not accept Leftism.
Nazahn 6 months ago
And libtards on twitter are already demanding that people start harassing Scotus judges. Let the explosions begin.
Fenrikazahn 6 months ago
Uh, no, thank you whiny liberal losers. Duh.
Vurisar 6 months ago
Bank account is fine. Glad you are keeping busy and sniffing the fumes.
Akinorisar 5 months ago
It seems good, but I don't have that much time in the day to watch all of these shows
Arasar 5 months ago
presumptious? Not at all.
Mazulkree 5 months ago
The middle east has its universal state that guarantees peace and good order broken down. So there are a lot of competitors to restore that and bring back peace and good order. Europe never quite achieved that. There was Charlemagne, Henry V, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, and always that troublesome England immune on its safe little island investing the solution. And originally its little sister, now grown up really big and tough proving that unifying and being compassionate, accepting, and inviting all in to settle, made the need for an Empire unnecessary, and you can still be the quiet, respectful and strong one on the block, in this case a world wide block.
Malabei 5 months ago
The inherent differences in the nature of God as depicted in the New Testament (e.g. Father, Son, Holy Spirit), and the Koran (e.g. Tawhid) are irreconcilable. If I remember correctly, Muslims see Christians as polytheists because of their 'pluralistic' view of the Trinity. A much simpler approach would be to see that Christians accept Jesus as God, and Muslims view that as blasphemy, as it would be a denial of God's oneness, and a denial of His nature (God does not beget).
Dalrajas 5 months ago
Sorry. It was Pharaoh who gave that order and later king Herod.
Kagazragore 5 months ago
Yes, but those "right" organizations were originally under the Democrat flag.
Zulukinos 5 months ago
Asssphincter says "Oh sorry"
Grosar 4 months ago
LOL: You guys's translators are broken. You think that's what everything means...
Maujas 4 months ago
[Colossians 1:15] KJV21
Akirg 4 months ago
I'm going to need a drink first :)
Docage 4 months ago
Funny. I just completely destroyed your argument and you want to ignore it. MAGA (brought to you by China like all of the Trump products)!!!!!!
Hands on job training methods

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