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Hot russian girls going wild
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"Conservatives don't want to control everybody. We'd very much like for you to take responsibility for your own lives while at the same time preserving the good that has kept this Country afloat. No, we wont sign up to any and every garbage bills proposed and are happy to be called bigots for questioning anyone/anything that threatens the constitution and our bill of rights."

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Hot russian girls going wild
Hot russian girls going wild
Hot russian girls going wild

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Zuzragore 5 months ago
So, you agree that prior to the rebellion, the Romans conquered the Jews, and subjugated them, which is different from enslavement or mass murder.
Kigajora 5 months ago
time will tell - wont it. is it better to try and fail or not try at all?
Mezikus 4 months ago
Unlike all the other gods, my god is real.
Mosar 4 months ago
It was both. It was two people in love getting married but who are forced down a path both politically and religiously motivated by others, just so that they can get on with their lives.
Jukora 4 months ago
People on the autism spectrum have issues with social interaction...My nephew is autistic, and he can't tell if you're joking or being sarcastic. And he doesn't understand that telling someone certain things is rude. He just knows he's not supposed to say certain things to people, because he gets corrected when he does.
Shagar 4 months ago
Bullshit, during the sixties and seventies there wasn't a damn coyote to be found and the biggest menace were dogs packing up occasionally and taking down a calf that was attended to by shooting the sob's during daylight hours. Now you have every stinking animal from goats to sheep to chickens being chewed up. Maybe they stopped too soon(dripping sarcasm) Maybe they should have introduced lions and tigers, maybe wolfves to balance the human population. Why would they re-introduce coyotes to areas, which they did, to suburban and rural Indiana that didn't have a jackrabbit and prairie Dog problem. Indiana is still east of the prairie you know. You can't even flush up a pheasant anymore! This is human hubris to extremis. Now, you can't even shoot the bustards unless you have a dead livestock handy.
Vorn 4 months ago
And I gave my 2 cents ..... good riddance to him.
Groran 3 months ago
Yeah, you?re really tough sitting there on the other side of a screen.
Migami 3 months ago
You can keep your doctor.
Grot 3 months ago
Anytime you are talking about feminising a profession. What you are actually saying is: "in a society where I am free to study any subject I want, if I see that there arent enough women in say engineering, then I am going to ask for 'feminisation' of said profession, so that I'll get preferential recruitment."
Negal 3 months ago
right, because there are long lines of Americans, outside of, for instance, chicken processing plants or hotel cleaning services, looking for work. As for legal immigration, great, now if Trump can stop scaring off the talented, highly educated foreigners that are now looking for other countries to make a living. Can you explain what the G means in MAGA ?
Tor 3 months ago
Yes, if you do not believe, cool. Unless somebody kill you by i.e. burning on stake, separating your head from body, like NOWADAYS in big friend of America, namely SA, .... THEN is not really cool and why we all bother so much with religion as we do not want old times to return. Religion is evil because have always been great tool for control of masses. Politics can also be abused if giving to much power to some idea or party.
Zoloshura 3 months ago
I think and that's just my opinion now that they should have asked why the hell that kid is wearing a trench coat to school everyday, why he is wearing a shirt that says Natural Born Killer, why he had Nazi memorabilia and symbols on his facebook page. I think they missed or ignored alot
Arajora 2 months ago
I agree partly. I like violent video games as much as the next guy. But young folks who become addicted to them become desensitized to violence just as young men who become addicted to pornography (which also plays a role in this puzzle) become desensitized to sex acts.
Faet 2 months ago
habitat for humanity, for appliances and fixtures like sinks and such .great deals out there,,

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