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My adult bipolar daughter

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"Yes my friend...and God in His great mercy is showing that line clearer and clearer. Only those that truly despise God are left. All the confusion is gone you know?"

and I might feel strange kissing you. "What's with all the stuff?" Gabby asked setting the bags on the counter.

he fucks the morbid tranny

he fucks the morbid tranny

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My adult bipolar daughter

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Majas 7 months ago
Well with three kids already gone through divorce
Aragrel 7 months ago
That looks so good and perfect.. I want it.
Fenrimuro 7 months ago
As a typical atheist, you claim ignorance proves your point. Sorry partner, it doesn't pass the test of being a intelligent claim.
Goltilmaran 6 months ago
Very good point. It's still the wild Wild West out there ...
Mazugul 6 months ago
Thank God cool runnings is on
Gakus 6 months ago
You still do not get it do you? Again, why does the bible state that women who are not virgins on their wedding nights should be put to death, while men who are not virgins on their wedding night are not? YOU are going all around the question.
Meztizahn 6 months ago
He is better than God, because he can demonstrate his existence.
Mazujora 6 months ago
"John von Neumann demonstrated that given a system with sufficient freedom and sufficient time, a self-replicating cellular automate will arise and that this can perform any computation which is possible."
Shaktill 5 months ago
Tax cuts and deregulation had to come first. Takes a lot of dedicated effort to destroy the up is market volatility that will produce gains for the hedge fund people.
Grojar 5 months ago
"What little hole did you suddenly pop up from?"
Kazihn 5 months ago
"You mean cloistered outside in the real world? "
Grozragore 5 months ago
Well, it's hardly funny. What's more, the way that Christianity has caused societies to treat women, Muslims, atheists, homosexuals and all manner of groups is distinctly less than funny.
Jum 4 months ago
I don't disagree with your comments, but it doesn't describe the basis for morality. It only describes what people consider moral and immoral.
Gacage 4 months ago
Disbelieve in your mysticism carries with it the disbelieve in the penalty. It is absolutely irrational to bring that up. The only thing that that shows is your inability to emphasise.
Kagazuru 4 months ago
Interesting. Lets say he was out for a walk with his 6 year old. He jaywalked and was arrested. Where would his kid go?
Vudorn 4 months ago
Neither do you. Thou shalt not murder. You don't execute prisoners- the state does. Learn something applicable.
Zulkilrajas 3 months ago
75% non-believers, that's not good (for the channel). And it probably doesn't represent the numbers of channel participants, just the numbers of participants of the survey. To get better numbers I think it would be necessary to process the raw data of all the comments. It could be automated to a degree but would take some manual work too.
Kigazahn 3 months ago
She is not.
Sajas 3 months ago
Well, who would that worthy be?
Mukazahn 3 months ago
Hiiiii I m 16
Tesida 3 months ago
I'm pro-GMO for the most part, but still pretty anti-Monsanto. They have a lot of unethical business practices.
Kajihn 3 months ago
Typical GOP shit. Get the morons worked up by saying nothing, while the donor class plunders America. Ignorant fucks.
Akikus 3 months ago
I like OU and believe you me we've tussled but have respect for him. Sometimes it takes a while to see someones political perspective. I never took you for OU, totally different writers.
Malashicage 3 months ago
My source is the Department of Human Genetics.
Nikolar 2 months ago
If you are having special accommodation made to allow you to stay in the country you might want to follow the law. Just sain'.
Yocage 2 months ago
Pro tip: Higher concentration of bleach will help with those blood stains.
Zulujin 2 months ago
Bingo, we dont imortalize anti-government individuals now.
Taushakar 2 months ago
"Q1: What really is the difference in these truths? Be specific."
Fenrisar 2 months ago
The "it's not like he raped you" attitude is the reason why predators like Weinstein were able to thrive for decades.
My adult bipolar daughter

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