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Aya enjoys sitting on her guys face with her pink teen pussy

Aya enjoys sitting on her guys face with her pink teen pussy

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Chinese teen roselle june 30

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Gosar 7 months ago
Lemme? guess...You?re a deluded acolyte of Tom Harpur?
Gardazilkree 6 months ago
Circumcision is an essential part of Judaism, and they've got the historic literature to prove it. Attacking circumcision is attacking Jewish families, and if you think attacking families and taking their kids away from them isn't an attack on a minority... you're deluded.
Shakalmaran 6 months ago
What? I brought it up because it's a familiar thing for everyone and I thought it applied. Are people actually telling you to read it?
Mezilmaran 6 months ago
Sure, it's fine for you to go there if you want, I just don't happen to be interested in some generic discussion of new findings invalidating a theory. Today I'm interested in the OP and the statistical analysis that it describes. You don't have to be interested, that's fine, but it is the OP, after all.
Tutaur 6 months ago
It's always raining somewhere or cloudy.
Voodoobar 6 months ago
You can have mine ??????j/k she has her good days but shes extremely testy.
Dougrel 6 months ago
No one denies it happened but why should today's church, or anyone else for that matter, attone for something which didnt involve them.
Sagami 5 months ago
Apparently my reply was deleted, but it mocked you and your "I'll pass", followed by Trump-level insults. Hahaha, hypocrite.
Gurisar 5 months ago
I love the shirt!
Akilrajas 5 months ago
Typical GOP shit. Get the morons worked up by saying nothing, while the donor class plunders America. Ignorant fucks.
Kagahn 5 months ago
This reminds me of the apocryphal story of an extremely powerful AI that was asked if there was a God and it replied, "there is now."
Kinris 5 months ago
In other words, one must be a half wit.
Faejin 5 months ago
Why doesn't he tag along and stay nearby, just in case?
Dukasa 5 months ago
I'm here because I find different religious viewpoints interesting. If I was looking for an echo chamber I would go elsewhere.
Mozragore 4 months ago
Once upon a time it was believed that a god caused the lightning to strike.
Tygozragore 4 months ago
Oh, you were serious? LMFAO!
Mijora 4 months ago
Oh my goodness, he sounds like a sweetie pie! ?? Those antics would tickle me to death. My kids would love him, but I can't handle all the attention they need. My cat is a big giant baby for half the day, then the remainder is like "ok y'all leave me the hell alone now, I'm sitting on the windowsill. Leave me be."?? And what with my horse, and all the random animals that show up like I'm Dr. Dolittle, they can't even have a hamster. Nope!
Kagarr 4 months ago
God is still to blame here.
Arashidal 4 months ago
You can be Christian and eat shellfish, wear clothing with multiple types of fabrics, get divorced, not honoring thy mother and father, be a cannibal, cheat on your wife, murder people, work on the sabbath, have premarital sex etc etc. When the rules are made up anyway there?s no limits to the things you can do and still be a ?good? Christian. So why should a victimless ?crime? be a reason for you not to be a Christian? Especially when some of the priests touch children and the church only saw fit to move them to a new batch of victims as punishment??
Yozshurr 3 months ago
He mostly trolls
Meztisar 3 months ago
I realize that and here's why you can wait forever:
Nikor 3 months ago
I read some Krishnamurti years ago, it was quite inspiring although he wasn't without criticism. Those were the days of 'peace 'n love', so talking about it wasn't so incongruous as now. He was right and it's even more so now, the need for technicians, and performance has gone through the ceiling.
Mezikinos 3 months ago
They need to find a new job.
Mejas 3 months ago
"Operations done in hospitals" have a mark of official sanction. Having to find a clinic that will operate on your kid I think will go a long way to eliminating the procedure as a cosmetic choice.
Dour 3 months ago
Ah the trolling begins- ignored.
Taubar 3 months ago
Also now that I have time...the difference between a church and cult is that cults are associated with worshipping a charismatic leader (usually alive) or object.
Mazuzahn 3 months ago
I have realized it isn't there.
Mikakus 2 months ago
So all virgins are innocent of the Christian doctrine of original sin?
Mogal 2 months ago
Say what? No, I'm saying she should go to jail for the same amount of time as his potential sentence would be, if he had actually done it. Is the misconstrual in my usage of "if convicted"?

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