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"Someone get Mr' Crabs some Coffee"

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Who Reads This Russian Women
Who Reads This Russian Women

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Gora 9 months ago
Durant back to back champion, eat his cupcake you phuckrrs
Kazrajora 9 months ago
Perhaps it should be altered to include all lifelong vocations?
Mim 8 months ago
No it is subjective. It is someone's opinion of what is right or wrong. Whether one person or group decision, it is still subjective. Any objective criteria you can think of for morality is itself subjectively chosen. Look deeply enough and you will always end at a subjective basis. That is because it is concept of the human mind, not a physical property that can be objectively determined.
Zulkilmaran 8 months ago
I?m not really interested in hearing your memories with him. Sorry.
Zugami 8 months ago
Exactly what I've always thought as well.
Tausar 8 months ago
It does after 17 months.
Duzragore 8 months ago
Talk to someone else now.
Mor 8 months ago
They want women to make up 25% of the CAF? Even during World War II, probably the time in history with the highest rate of women volunteering to join the armed forces of the world, they still weren't even close to 25% in any army anywhere. Not even in the Soviet Union, which bascially used their soldiers like cannon fodder and replaced them just as quickly. The US armed forces has about 15% female recruits on average across the four branches today.
Migami 7 months ago
In this thread, I've seen several people trying to say that according to the Bible, Jesus was not actually God. Thought I'd offer these verses to help clarify things:
Zule 7 months ago
It is choosing to save five instead of one.
Manris 7 months ago
Something you would pick
Gozshura 7 months ago
I need your kidney, therefore I think I'm gonna take it.....but only "temporarily".
Tojagul 7 months ago
STC. Belief is the antithesis of knowledge . Belief is the emotional capacity of children as they imagine things and pretend to be what they are not.
Gumuro 7 months ago
Random weird thing I do: sometimes just to be contrary, I go to google and make it search for yahoos home page. Then I do the same to yahoo.
Nelar 6 months ago
There a lot of moving parts and it's rare that they are all in sync and going in the same direction. When it does, it's great. It's amazing what you hear when driving teens around. They very quickly forget that you are even in the car. That said, it was awesome when my oldest started driving. She liked the freedom and it was one less plate to keep spinning. She did a good bit of car pooling then, but she and her friends also ramped up their activities. The car she got was a hand me down. Her dads, you guessed it, SUV. It was paid for and we felt it was safer than what she would have gotten if she had a choice.
Dagis 6 months ago
This election, the None of the Above Direct Democracy Party (NOTA for short) is aiming to have candidates running in all five Hamilton-area provincial ridings ? and more than half of all 124 electoral districts across Ontario.
Who Reads This Russian Women

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