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2 dicks in 1 hole

2 dicks in 1 hole
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"Lowfunctioner posts on wrong board."

He sat gole the couch and said all gruff: "You girls come here!" just like our daddy use to. He had ten years on her but that hardly mattered to either of them.

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2 dicks in 1 hole

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Yozil 10 months ago
I am convinced this ex who allegedly looooved anal doesn't actually exist. Or it's like, the same woman who has dated almost half the men out there. And they don't realize they are all talking about the world's only woman to orgasm from anal (due to some mutation).
Got 9 months ago
By the time we can pull this off , it's highly likely we will have been purged to very low numbers. Can't wait.
Faujinn 9 months ago
Only one Draymon three game suspension, a Curry hearth attack and KD cranial aneurism away for a 7 game series
Kazradal 9 months ago
How did you arrive at your idea?
Akilkree 9 months ago
I accept and support social assistance for those that NEED it. Like she used to.
Nikorg 9 months ago
The elephant in the room if I may point to it is the years, centuries, of suppression of knowledge courtesy of the Christian church. Knowledge that was effortfully acquired by virtue of our God-given reasoning intelligence. That spirit of suppression of knowledge continues to exist today in the form of religious people who are distrustful of science knowledge except on the rare occasion when they can spin it to support their fantastical views of reality.
Mezill 9 months ago
Yet I see that those that are feeling people are more feeling than ever before. Many who are not, never were.
Mull 9 months ago
Your assumption that one must be celibate to have your god in their life is not warranted on any reason nor logic.
Zuzshura 8 months ago
You are at least half right.
Grolar 8 months ago
??? Fred Patton(R) just supported and passed a $534M school funding package!! Let's be fair here!
Galmaran 8 months ago
Bas mitzvah age.
Gabar 8 months ago
Yeah, as do blacks at funeral services...
Tojalkis 8 months ago
Fair enough, let's see what arguments are presented.
Meztit 7 months ago
*its last days
Milmaran 7 months ago
The Bart Train Intercom is not a 911 system, it's used for many purposes to contact the train operator for a variety of reasons.
Shaktile 7 months ago
You can't face facts.
Mejinn 7 months ago
False. Your minds are held captive by Satan, and are not free at all. Yes, atheism is a religion. It meets all of the definitions of a religion listed in a dictionary. Not only is atheism a religion, but it is a rather stupid religion, based upon fairytale magic.
Tygogis 7 months ago
Gods grace is sufficient...
Memuro 6 months ago
I don't know. I think everyone here can talk about Samantha Bee and know that that Trump administration are callous assholes.
2 dicks in 1 hole

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