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"Nope. Eliminate the silliness of the Bible, and maybe the discussion could focus on some of the REAL reasons folks continue to buy into myths and invisible magic."

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Doctor stick it up my ass please! Cute Shemales

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Females and sex with dogs
Females and sex with dogs
Females and sex with dogs

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Vogul 10 months ago
Junipers are very hearty.
Migor 10 months ago
No, being a scientist myself, fomerly biological science, computer science for the last 20 years. I certainly don't hate science, though I have hated a couple undergrad courses I had to take.
Maladal 9 months ago
The bible says not to make graven images and worship them "thou shalt bring no idols before me". Making the image isn't the sin - worshiping it as or before God is the sin.
Marisar 9 months ago
of course I agree with that...I don't care what nonsense someone believes but I don't want to be forced to agree or even respect it.
Yozshugore 9 months ago
Darwin had an idea, that things will evolve. How things evolve and watching things evolve has been proven.
Tygogal 9 months ago
Are you asking my opinion?
Kik 9 months ago
Did God do this?
Yogore 8 months ago
He will get all the prep he needs. TVLand is showing a marathon of MASH reruns. That Colonel Flagg sure knew how to deal with North Koreans. /s
Dinos 8 months ago
All atheist give human life zero value. dahhhh
Aragul 8 months ago
Nope. I couldn't care less what Copeland teaches. It's the people that he "teaches". He essentially "preaches to the choir"; people that already believe. I think their religion is their drug of choice. They go listen to him preach because it gets them high. And he sucks their "donations" out of them.
Tygoshicage 7 months ago
Please refrain from posting images of the dead. Thank you.
Dorn 7 months ago
It is a photo of a painting.
Yozshuhn 7 months ago
This is great news for everyone.
Tygonris 7 months ago
It?s been a waging war forever. IMO, it boils down to unsecuries on both sides. As a working mom, I was constantly insecure about not being a good enough mom. I?d see other moms with time to hang around drop-off, exchanging crates with stuff for girl scouts, play dates, after school programs, etc. they made cupcakes and threw amazing bday parties. They seemed like superwomen to me! My kids rightfully loved those moms! I felt guilty every single day.
Diran 7 months ago
I'll hold your jacket. Sorry for your loss.
Zulkiktilar 7 months ago
There are two by the same name but no connection. We have a local place here that serves an awesome burger but it's nasty as chit on the inside.
Vuzragore 6 months ago
If you can't do both in a single meal, having bread is so much more important than pasta.
Maujora 6 months ago
Where is the evidence that the burrito eater left the wrapper?
Tazil 6 months ago
You said "Nemesis" when you obviously meant "Antithesis"
Terisar 6 months ago
Phocian is Black.
Moogujinn 6 months ago
I always understood that saying prayers clearly was unnecessary, that God knows what you are thinking or some such nonsense.
Mulkree 5 months ago
They don't care to being they agree with the ideology behind pimping the kids out.
Sharg 5 months ago
The word says to simply be still. I agree with that.
Felar 5 months ago
Splains a lot about what, lol?
Zolodal 5 months ago
I think so too. I guess I just find it odd that two good friends, one of whom has been through miscarriage before, don't automatically support each other, through grief or happiness. I'd tell my friend I was happy at the news, even if I was shattered to pieces inside.
Dairn 5 months ago
In case you haven't noticed, we've started to go in circles. That's when I'm done.
Arakasa 4 months ago
Real Christianity does. And other non-Christian places, including the two most populated nations in the world.
Akinorr 4 months ago
A pretty piss poor "argument."
Malazilkree 4 months ago
But a religion can be hostile towards people? Sorry, that makes no sense.
Kazitaur 4 months ago
sjw. That little tantrum seems to demonstrate some underlying insecurities. The term?asinine comments? seems less than forgiving of trespasses, and the peaceful humility of the blessed weak and meek and poor in spirit.
Shatilar 4 months ago
It's my friend's
Momi 4 months ago
Her picture says it all !! She needs yoga classes. take some deep breaths and exhale Maxine !!!
Dolkree 4 months ago
Science might eventually 'prove' our origins. But as to any reason why we are here? Not sure a proof is possible. Our 'reason' is to reproduce. Make more of us.
Mikanris 4 months ago
Who do you propose putting in charge?
Females and sex with dogs

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