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"Expectation #1 Met: Assumption that anyone defending Christians is a Christian with ad hom leveled at my poor Christian behavior."

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Girl eat her own cum
Girl eat her own cum

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Maujar 6 months ago
It would mean that either 99.9999% are wrong; or 100% are wrong.
Voodookus 5 months ago
I have zero issues if a woman is more inclined to be submissive. But when she has me chained to the bedposts she needs to step up and dominate and punish me for being naughty.
Moogushakar 5 months ago
There are some truly awful people who are performers. Example - Ted Nugent. There is nothing as a person I'm aware of that says there is anything of merit to this man. Yet as a musician he's done well enough.
Faekinos 5 months ago
God is supernatural. You will never think so. I will never not think so. I am open-minded and you are not...on that particular point.
Dilkree 5 months ago
why? Does it change the argument at all?
Voktilar 5 months ago
Judas would've been forgiven because scripture asks us to forgive those who trespass against us. If Christ didn't forgive him then that would make him a hypocrite.
Migul 5 months ago
I?ve heard those points about the CAtholic Churches actions saving hundreds of thousands of Jewish lives. Israeli Historian P Lapide has estimated up to 860,000 Jews. Nevertheless, in Germany, it is thought that Catholicism did not want to risk open opposition, and it was left to Catholics to resist on an individual basis. H O?Flaherty?s Escape Line in Rome was impressive, with thousands saved including hundreds of Jews who were disguised as Palatine Guard members.
Yogul 5 months ago
I knew a few Kayleighs in my day that were great people, even if they weren't Mother Theresas :)
Guran 4 months ago
I voted PC, genius. I still think DoFo is a tool.
Tygojar 4 months ago
As if on queue ...
Zulkitaur 4 months ago
It's not just that. It makes you feel unappreciated. At least it does me.
Shami 4 months ago
I'm nothing if not vain.
Yoll 4 months ago
Raw blood soup in Thailand. I?m adventurous, but no thanks.
Nesar 3 months ago
You are angry with YHVH, continue to deny YESHUA is the messiah! You are YHVH?s enemy.
Shalrajas 3 months ago
I would give my SO a good ass spanking....
Sasida 3 months ago
I saw that more as a footnote :)
Vogore 2 months ago
Jesus was an expert. People did not believe him. So this is no surprise.
Balabar 2 months ago
So if someone isn't an abusive *rapist*, their other abusive behaviour (emotional, psychological, sexual harassment, etc) is okay?
JoJorisar 2 months ago
"at (free)will" "evidence is cogent" "within the normal distribution"
Tuhn 2 months ago
Now let's see what some of the other Founding Fathers said on this topic shall we?
Durg 2 months ago
I am an air addict... And a food addict oh yeah a Disqus addict... Addicts are victims. Like like... I got nothin...
Girl eat her own cum

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