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Michele obama and homosexuals

Michele obama and homosexuals
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"Hahaha the 1999 incident you mean? Perhaps you are not aware of how the law works. In fact, under the Royal Prerogative, the government does not need any kind of parliamentary approval to go to war, they can do so at any time in the name of the Queen, and they don't need to ask her permission."

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Jamie Brooks And Friends - Scene 3

Jamie Brooks And Friends - Scene 3

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Michele obama and homosexuals

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Nele 11 months ago
IN cities people are more exposed to alternate ideas as opposed to a homogenous community. A herd mentality is conducive to faith.
Fekazahn 11 months ago
It is about your certainty of the likelihood! I am pretty sure there is no god, but I am not 100%. I am not 100% about anything - for all I know I am a brain in a vat, or in a Matrix-like simulation. I don't think I am, but not absolutely sure - about anything. If this numerical scale can lead to such a difference of understanding of what it actually measures, perhaps it is not a very good exercise.
Nale 11 months ago
"How sure are you etc.?"
Tojajinn 11 months ago
How conveniently vague.
Arashikazahn 10 months ago
He said it in a very *general sense*, not merely related to mission work. Paul most likely was wrestling with his own issues about relationship, sexuality and marriage, IMO. To take his opinion as applicable to everyone would be a huge overstep.
Mikanris 10 months ago
Nintendo 64 -- Super Mario, Banjo-Kazooie...Yoshi's Island! Video game tournamentsss. yesss.
Samurg 10 months ago
If you have to ask you're doing it wrong!! Or something like that....
Dosho 10 months ago
Same here, no jobs and what their is is min wage, which requires two jobs and a room mate to scrap by.
Faerg 9 months ago
LOL right?! Gee, I can't fathom why you would've ever banned him. He seems like such a joy to have on your channel!!
Gardamuro 9 months ago
Honestly this is the sort of Creator that would make most sense to me. It fits everything we know about the universe so far.
Kehn 9 months ago
As an atheist I would be amazed that a deity exists and then I would probably laugh at the fact that we put our self on a non-existing pedestal.
Dusho 9 months ago
Well Mike, I am not religious, so, your hopes are granted. However, I like Christ, as well as Buddha, Gandhi and most all representatives of one's inner spiritual understandings.
Yozilkree 9 months ago
Recommended best practices?
Kazinos 9 months ago
Oh man what kind of mess? Lol I like my humiliation and disgust with myself to be in private like normal people.
Moogurn 8 months ago
And this search for something more led to, among other things, Galileo's house arrest. And by the way, just what religion was Empedocles or Archimedes?
Nanos 8 months ago
Do you disagree that Sharia is based on Koran and Hadith?
Salkree 8 months ago
"Nonsensical conclusion" and "bigotry"? Why, because you confuse Fundamentalism and the Inquisition with an adequate treatment of Christianity as a phenomenon? You better look up your terms, because you are projecting your own behavior on others in your muddled thinking.
Kazahn 8 months ago
They always try to avoid the forced donation thing, even though that is what they are trying to force on others.

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