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My penis at 14

My penis at 14
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"The same was said about Trump. The Democrats and their 1.2 billion dollar campaign lost to a reality show host and they call him the buffoon!"

Could he enter the store. "It's better than your mom's. Class, you are to tell your parents nothing of what happened today, otherwise you will be in big trouble with them.

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My penis at 14

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Mozil 6 months ago
As a gun owner and millennial I get that with "gun violence" a lot. People my age don't believe me gun violence is as low as it was when JFK was president and declining outside a couple cities.
Kajisida 5 months ago
Godel demonstrated that there are true statements in every logic system that cannot be shown to be true in that system. This has been genralized by logicians to a recognition that every logic system must operate off unproven and unprovable premises -- IE leaps of faith.
Faesar 5 months ago
So, then it might still be prohibited for Christians to eat pork, since that is what it says in the Bible?
Faushura 5 months ago
I also suggest taking care of you. Rebuild your self-esteem. The right answer will be obvious once you're in a better place.
Muktilar 5 months ago
It should be a place for a guy to be a guy. We should be able to just have fun sometimes without the women around. Likewise when women go see male strippers the husbands ain?t hanging around.
Vushicage 4 months ago
What is "the physical realm" and what other "realms" do you imagine there to be?
Mura 4 months ago
No, I'm leaving. The whole place has gone to shit, in my view.
Akizuru 4 months ago
Your ranting aside (I really just gloss over nonsense in long posts, which is most of yours) I'll try to address some points.
Shakazuru 4 months ago
I'm curious why your prescription for how to make High School safe for gay/trans kids involves no special measures being taken to keep those kids safe.
Najin 4 months ago
That's all you have?
Dourg 3 months ago
Common Catholic practice and instigated.
Nigul 3 months ago
There are thousands of religions, and billions of people that think they have the correct objective morality.
Kilmaran 3 months ago
Only a complete moron would try to legislate equality of outcome. Oh, wait...this was a Liberal idea, correct? Self-explanatory then.
Vole 3 months ago
Congressman B is expected to think for himself, and vote accordingly. In this case he would agree with you, most likely because of religious influence. But his decision is his to take credit for, not credit the Bible.
Mazukora 3 months ago
wait til you run out.. :0 then you'll know for for me I am satisfied with what I have learned so far, which is Christ Jesus is risen from the dead...and that by the manifestation of his wonderful Holy Spirit which dwells in me! :)
Fenos 2 months ago
I think is not a source or data.
Muzil 2 months ago
1. NICE liberal twist but WRONG.
JoJoshicage 2 months ago
So how does that explain Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania?
Nalkis 2 months ago
I meet see feel smell taste and speak to god every day
Dokora 2 months ago
Wow but that's the most hilarious outburst of petulant hysteria yet. Keep it up but don't burst a blood vessel in your impotent outburst of fury at humiliation.
Moogubar 2 months ago
Hello, fellow wisher of a tl;dr
Jukinos 2 months ago
I believe that what we now call the "internet" was actually called "Arpanet" until about 1984 or so. I will check.
Kesar 1 month ago
The Nabateans spoke Arabic but used Aramaic for writing. Later they developed their own system of writing (Nabatean script) which became the foundation of the Arabic script of Koran The significance of Koran was that it manifested the emergence of Arabic as a language of literature. In this way, Islam was nothing but a cultural revolution: the great Aramaic civilisation was substituted by the Arabic one. It was a form of cultural imperialism, and still is. Koran has no new theological content, just a linguistic exercise.
Nejin 1 month ago
One needs no faith to know that gravity is and has been. As for gravity always being the same,that falls into the I Don't Know category.
Akinoshicage 1 month ago
God can deal with iron chariots, except that the bible clearly shows an episode where he can't.
Saramar 1 month ago
I like to think that by approaching them like this it makes them more open to the idea of actually respecting women's decisions. It'll be baby steps, but that's the point. They're not going to listen to insults and angry attacks, no matter how justified.
Faule 1 month ago
16 To the woman he said, ?I will make your pains in childbearing very severe;
Tale 1 month ago
Who's you people?
My penis at 14

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