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Asian congressman threatened limbaugh

Asian congressman threatened limbaugh
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"I usually just say that I will use the same evidence that they use to justify their disbelief in Thor. . .only change the name of the deity. It seems to work."

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Asian congressman threatened limbaugh
Asian congressman threatened limbaugh
Asian congressman threatened limbaugh
Asian congressman threatened limbaugh

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Shacage 9 months ago
In my opinion, this is way more important than continuing to bitch and moan about Maxine Waters, Red Hen, and Sanders.
Mumi 8 months ago
I think "objective morality" is about as valid "objective reality." That is to say, a very useful metaphor that isn't actually true in an "absolute" (subject-less?) sense.
Mujind 8 months ago
No, Idon't think so.
Mazujin 8 months ago
First thing you almost got right - science tries to explain things, then they find out that what they explained is wrong and have to adjust and after a few hundred times of doing that, they do it some more - evolution is a perfect example of it, they are still trying to explain it.
Dikree 8 months ago
The guy is an idiot.
Voodooran 7 months ago
So resurrection accounts are not limited to the gospels, do you accept those too? Do you believe things like alien abduction? There are actual abductees you can interview first hand, no accepting second hand accounts.
Moogurg 7 months ago
So who should concern us more, the televangelist who wants an airplane, or the idiots who give him money to buy it.
Zolojinn 7 months ago
Which was why Indonesia was included. Oh, wait...
JoJolrajas 7 months ago
Well balls are clearly an instrument of violence from the sexist racist wjite male patriarchy so no, she probably isnt a libtard
Yoshakar 7 months ago
No, the couple here is for "special rights."
Nigar 7 months ago
Why wouldn't a study showing that gay parents having gay kids simply be proof that it's hereditary?
Akigor 7 months ago
Ford's promised to spend an additional $5B on subways, in addition to the $14B the Ontario government has 'committed' but not spent.
Tazuru 6 months ago
As for devout Christians not declining that does not surprise me since I would expect that behavior to be a characteristic of 'devout'.
Zura 6 months ago
I have to say, I do wonder (lean) in that direction myself. I(just)DK.
Mozragore 6 months ago
You can know a unsaved person by they way they talk because they do not know the true. The stories in the bible about Moses are true.This may come as a shock to you but no one who is truly a Christian or a saved person in Christ never change from Christ to the world. You want to know why? Because a saved person in Christ is born into the family of God. Name one baby that was born into this world and later was unborn. A baby cannot be unborn just like a saved born child in Christ cannot be unborn. Maybe you may not believe this but this is how it works. God the Father looks upon the earth and if He sees someone who has an open heart. God will move that person to come to Him. If they come and move then He will send them to Jesus Christ. If they come to Christ then Christ will saved that child and that child will be born of the Holy Spirit or baptized in the Spirit of Christ. Then that child's name is place into the Lamb's book of the Living. All people who names are written in the Lamb's book of the living will live forever. Plus, Jesus said that all that His Father has giving Him they are in His hands and no one can pluck them out of His hands. There are two types of Christians, those that are not saved but professes to be Christians and are not. Those professing to be Christians and are not they can leave the faith and drop out altogether and even becomes atheists.Then you have the true Christians that have been born again or baptized into the Family of God and they will never walk away from God the Father and Christ. So these two groups(the saved Christians and the unsaved professing Christians)make up the 2,3 billions of Christians on the earth today. If God has not move upon you does not means God is dead but you are. God the Father is the God of the Living. It difficult for the God of the Living or Christ to move someone who heart and mind are closed or dead spiritually to Him. Hell does exist because God want a place to place all these serial killers and mass murderers and the evil people into. God cannot allow the wicked to live with the good and that is why there is a heaven and a hell. For God the Father love us so that He gave us His Son that whosoever believe and accept Jesus Christ shall have everlasting life.
Kirisar 6 months ago
I don't blame anybody for rejecting the notion that nonexistence is our destiny. I simply can't believe in something nobody can imagine. Nonexistence that is.
Tutilar 6 months ago
I?m not really interested in hearing your memories with him. Sorry.
Faujin 5 months ago
Lois, you sound like a sweet woman and I'm glad that you're here. :-)
Targ 5 months ago
Truth may be personal opinion, but that doesn't mean there's many correct answers. There's only one.
Fezuru 5 months ago
Somewhere northwest of Nambia[sic]?
Mijora 5 months ago
Waters told reporters on Capitol Hill on Monday that she was not calling for violence against anyone and said she was advocating "very peaceful protests."
Mikagul 5 months ago
I think in 99.99% of cases it is codefied racism. The small exception is if the institution had a long history of discrimination imagine a company the size of google where not a single engineer worked or a college like harvard that mot a single black person had ever been admitted to. But i cant think of a single example of this in 2018. I think its also racist tjat no one ever asks why white males are OVER represented in low pay and or dangerous jobs. I mean no one ever says there are not enough black female plumbers
Kazralmaran 4 months ago
How is it indoctrination to attempt to reverse the effects of thousands of years of discrimination against a group of people that have done nothing wrong. To say that they do something wrong shows the extreme indoctrination that you have been under for your entire life most likely. These examples are merely an attempt to show they are not the monsters the Bible and others make them out to be.
Gahn 4 months ago
How horribly optimistic you must be if you can't imagine the world being worse.
Tamuro 4 months ago
You make silly "rules", are you having issues?
Vudozshura 4 months ago
I never got one answer to any of the questions I asked. All I got was irrelevant racist garbage.
Asian congressman threatened limbaugh

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