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"And if the business can?t sell wedding cakes to the public respecting their civil right to NOT share his beliefs the solution is obvious, simple and the one 2nd century Christian writers suggested to incense merchants concerned about Romans using what they offered for sale in pagan rites:"

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Clip free perv sex
Clip free perv sex
Clip free perv sex

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Maugore 10 months ago
Once de Mayo!
Fenriramar 10 months ago
If you believe in god, and you believe in evolution, then evolution is just the set of natural laws that god put in place to bring about/make possible the diversity of life we see all around us.
Kaziktilar 10 months ago
I'm very suprised to not see the lesbian teacher getting more sympathy in the comments here. This does smack of discrimination and it's not as though the Catholic culture she was in was still opposed to her lifestyle. The article says other teachers attended in support and the parents are outraged. The current pope himself said it's not the church's business.
Doshicage 9 months ago
This series was so good and G'Kar's journey from villain to wise man was so fantastic
Grojind 9 months ago
Nonsense.You do not know where they went or did not go.
Kikora 9 months ago
WAY into Trudeau!!
Kazimi 9 months ago
I may not be quite following the numbers - but the concept, I get what you are saying. Totally interesting, it's truly fascinating, the impact of social media. I never would have predicted anything of the sort, back when Facebook took off.
Zologar 9 months ago
"Trump?s $56 Million in Golf Trips, Cost by Extravagant Cost"
Yotaxe 8 months ago
How much do you think total federal spending is on military, air safety, land safety, the EPA, the DOT and education?
Daran 8 months ago
As Max Planck wrote, "Anybody who has been seriously engaged in scientific work of any kind realizes that over the entrance to the gates of the temple of science are written the words: Ye must have faith. It is a quality which the scientist cannot dispense with."
Duktilar 8 months ago
Wanker, you still a pedophile and you haven't' told your daddy yet? Shame on you.

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