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Frank gregg co sex offender

Frank gregg co sex offender
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"I didn't bother reading ypur reply. Mental masturbation."

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Frank gregg co sex offender

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Dailmaran 8 months ago
I unblocked you because I missed your absurdity and banalities.
Jukora 7 months ago
The supernatural by definition doesn't exist. The practical advice concerning the safe handling of the leavings of an imaginary being is to conclude it doesn't exist until sufficient evidence exists. If you really are seeing large loads of feces.... check the plumbing of your abode... perhaps have an exterminator look for pest infestations.I suspect it would be best approached on a per turd basis. Identify the real orifice it comes from and solve the problem at the source.
Nikobar 7 months ago
So we should drop our humanitarianism and disallow anyone seeking asylum?
Vuzil 7 months ago
When's straight pride month?
Fauran 7 months ago
Does it make your Balls Ache?
Kigajas 7 months ago
I seem to be a tad out of step with the majority here. Most posters seem to think that the continuation of the species should be a high priority for these colonists. I don't see it that way. For me, we have a small community with limited resources in a hostile environment. I would think that their primary concern would be the survival and well-being of the group. My answers will be formulated on that basis.
Jujind 6 months ago
Sequitur. You are still bigoted and hateful.
Ferg 6 months ago
Thankfully, we still have books!
Tataxe 6 months ago
What baloney? Im pointing out gradualism and natural selection are both doubted, that many are looking elsewhere. No one said it topples evolution. They look elsewhere! Im saying...look into the Bible. That's it
Juzuru 6 months ago
Stop harassing me!!!
Meztihn 6 months ago
It's called leftist hypocrisy.
Gardajinn 6 months ago
LOL! One of my school principals was a Dutch veteran of World War II. (I think he fought in Malaya or Indonesia (then Dutch East Indies), and his war experiences had a transforming effect, making him very religious..So he frequently interwove scripture between class.
Zubei 5 months ago
Just listen to him speak.
Zolobar 5 months ago
that's true. it's also important to note that non-profits and religious organizations and charities, etc. are all different and have different rules and requirements under the 501c umbrella.
JoJogal 5 months ago
lol I knew you'd come back with that. Call it WHATEVER you want. Killing newborn babies is disgustingly wrong.
Zululmaran 5 months ago
Why would there be consequences?
Faunos 5 months ago
What Canadian pandering do you have in mind? I always like being told what my government is up to.
Faetaxe 4 months ago
Sure it is.
Moogurr 4 months ago
Wrong thread, Junior.
Kazikree 4 months ago
Back at ya, April! ??
Moogushicage 4 months ago
"Let's be honest. [Complete load of crap]"
Kale 4 months ago
"I will get rid of Obamacare on day one and on day two everyone will have better, and cheaper insurance that will cover every American."
Shakagis 4 months ago
But a blue print is a thing
Tojara 3 months ago
Not too bad, shoulder recovering and back is better. :-)) so all's well right now.
Dolkis 3 months ago
Lol no like Jilly from Philly.
Nikosida 3 months ago
Everyone is understanding what you're pointing to. YOU are not understanding that "indoctrination" has nothing to do with the First Amendment.
Yojind 3 months ago
I think that Jesus spending his time with people that society has rejected, is a really great example.
Frank gregg co sex offender

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