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Gay and lesbian choir

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"It's attitudes like that which caused neighbors of the San Bernardino shooters to turn a blind eye to suspicious activity."

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Gay and lesbian choir
Gay and lesbian choir
Gay and lesbian choir

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Tur 6 months ago
He is a lying homophobe
Mutaur 6 months ago
"According the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), of the federal inmates willing to share their religious affiliations, 0.07% of the prison population self-reports as being atheist. "
Samubar 5 months ago
No they would not. Again they are different names for the same god.
Zukinos 5 months ago
So you're speaking strictly hypothetically. Kinda like being worried about being forced to marry someone of the same sex, but that's okay because you won't allow it to get to that point.
Daizuru 5 months ago
"life is life even if the cells can't survive outside the host body?"
Bakazahn 5 months ago
Our ways? Get fat, buy a gun, uneducate yourself and watch too much tv news?
Malaktilar 5 months ago
What are the well known mechanisms that God uses to create things? Do you have any evidence that God has ever created anything at all?
Nikus 5 months ago
I left it up to you to name them !
Daimi 5 months ago
I gave you numbers.
Yomuro 4 months ago
How is this MAGA?
Shakalabar 4 months ago
But you did. An unsupported assertion on your part that is based entirely on your religious delusions. Science shows there was never a first man or woman.
Gronos 4 months ago
Nope, forced birth is my claim. It has nothing to do with how they got preggers
Niran 4 months ago
Yes, in Asia.
Akinogami 3 months ago
I think you should try explaining by what mechanism an immaterial being could interact with a material object, and the explain what differentiates this force from a material one. This might help resolve confusions on all sides.
Vudolkree 3 months ago
Alt right nutters spew pathetic rants, and pat one another on the shoulders.
Nisho 3 months ago
Obama had a republican congress. Congress controls the money. So how did the democrats reduce it?
Goltisida 3 months ago
All in your mind (other than Harper inhertted a $16 billion dollar surplus) and the reality is the total opposite of what you are spewing..
Arashinris 3 months ago
Past Boston? Without LeBron? Yo put the controller down
Zolojar 2 months ago
Too true. I will move 6 feet to the left.
Vijind 2 months ago
I'm not refusing anything by simply following the path before me.
Maur 2 months ago
Nope.....self made god. You made god in your own image.
JoJoshura 2 months ago
No, actually it's pretty clear. You take a cheap shot at CNN while you can't say the same for fox.
Arashisho 2 months ago
Other than unemployment (which was brought from almost 10% to 4.6% under Obama and continued to drop to 4.4% under Trump), have the police officer murders dropped? Welfare was declining in Obama's second term. Has it declined at a faster rate under Trump? You are associating all problems with the president at the time and that's exactly what Trump haters are doing... except you hate Obama. Sad.
Gay and lesbian choir

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