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The nylon rifle by

The nylon rifle by
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"Because you love shitstain muslims that plotted and killed 3,000 Americans."

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I think they think it is degrading.

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The nylon rifle by
The nylon rifle by
The nylon rifle by

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Vudoktilar 8 months ago
Most of the Delphic aphorisms are pretty good stuff; such as "know thyself", "nothing in excess", "seek wisdom", "accept change", etc.
Fenrirg 8 months ago
john 14 29 is just how God allows us to prove its real and authentic. believe either by the word or by the works. mix in the evidence we have already..thats faith. faith is evidence of the unseen from evidence we already have. both are tested though, proven.
Kilabar 8 months ago
Every atheist says this...It becomes hard to believe, after a while.
Dishura 8 months ago
Is that a new rule. No two people can use the same argument?
Zulushicage 7 months ago
Yeah, the position you are taking is the mirror image of discarding C14 dating altogether. The simple fact is that much of the history in Bible has been confirmed through archeology. You should take a little vacation next week, blow your mind:
Fejar 7 months ago
Another idiot freed by the election of trump.
Zolodal 7 months ago
You can choose to accept Zeus. I don't accept your deity, probably for the same reason you don't accept Zeus.
Mogor 7 months ago
Randi was never a magician, regardless of what he paraded himself around as. He was an illusionist, not a magician. Unfortunately you, like he and so many people don?t know the difference between the two. Randi explains how illusion is created; not magic.
Grolabar 6 months ago
oh, ill bet she wanted to stuff it some where.
Faejas 6 months ago
Get a room.
Fer 6 months ago
It's not like that for everyone. Lol!
Akinoll 6 months ago
No. But "anger" is the name for my response to intentional evil.
Samuzragore 6 months ago
I was talking about European nations falling apart. You?re all kinds of confused.
Akishicage 5 months ago
"It murdered Christ...remember?"
Mazugore 5 months ago
Does Tex know about this guy?
Teshakar 5 months ago
i had a cell that charged me everytime i read a text. i used a whole months munites in 15 days. and the cell service said tough shytt when i complained..
Daimuro 5 months ago
For every baker that says no because of a person's lifestyle, two bakers say yes. The bakers that say no will realize that it will cost them via word of mouth. It is discrimination regardless.

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