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Vintage craftsman tools collectors

Vintage craftsman tools collectors
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Vintage craftsman tools collectors
Vintage craftsman tools collectors

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Zulkilabar 9 months ago
OK, so you admit that besides the physical senses we know of, there may be other physical senses we do not yet know of, but you would not call those "extra sensory perception"? Or do you suggest that since we have not proven the existence of any other physical senses, therefore other physical senses not only do not exist (because we have not proved them), but that they could not exist? How is that different than, after repeated failures to find a "cure for cancer", still believing one might exist and therefore engaging in scientific experimentation to find it?
Sat 8 months ago
The reality is, most people's understanding of "logical sense" actually isn't all that, well, logical. Sometimes the things we think seem logical (or illogical) actually are the opposite of what we think when we actually follow the objective rules of logic, and that's all I'll say to that regard.
Faugul 8 months ago
Let me be clear, I personally think there are serious moral ramifications of engaging in promiscuous behavior... that said, if two consenting adults choose to do so, and accept responsibility for any negative outcomes that result, then so be it.
Dalmaran 8 months ago
ha! And what did you call the 1.5 billion Obama dropped for what? A "agreement" that has been proven a farce and a few hostages.
Voodook 8 months ago
No French??? Oh no!!! Quelle horreur!!!
Saramar 8 months ago
Do you ever disagree on what to watch?
Mudal 7 months ago
Hey, Forty ... tried to log in to Slack and was turned away for lack of invite from your workgroup. I already have the Slack account, but they wouldn't let me in anyway! :-((
Gardamuro 7 months ago
So, making sure you referenced (spammed) your book one more time, the cost, and the different sources where to get it. Yeah, okay. Bye bye spammer.
Dakazahn 7 months ago
Thieves fits better.
Kelabar 7 months ago
Her incoherent ramblings have become so frequent that I don't even think it's arguable anymore that she has a serious mental disorder.
Faushura 7 months ago
Find it yourself. Google Nato military contributions by member and you will find that out of G7, only GB meets the requirements. The only only other member are Poland, Greece, Estonia and US.
Arashibar 6 months ago
"By this all will know that you are my disciples?if you have love among yourselves.?
Voodoor 6 months ago
"That reaction only happens when the conversation steers into disrespect, racism and being "anti-everyone else".
Dogor 6 months ago
Should the US dictate to the EU with whom they can trade and punish them for chosing their own course even when that course is compliant with normality?
Targ 6 months ago
true but I wouldn't say, christians committed mass murder here the same way I don't agree it's fair to blame atheists for crimes just because they are atheist
Dudal 6 months ago
You can just say ?you?re right?
Dirisar 5 months ago
Whether a guy name Yeshua ever existed doesn't really matter.
Mazule 5 months ago
I yelled his name in my his voice as soon as I read!
Gadal 5 months ago
Trump already challenged Rex Tillerson to an IQ test and he ran like a coward. lol
Taubei 5 months ago
Canoed down looking for beaver pelts...
Baran 4 months ago
Yes, that tax cut will pay for maybe 1/3 of the cost of my healthcare premiums going up. Oh and those tax cuts lessen over time? Do you think healthcare premiums will.
Meztitilar 4 months ago
Word! Thanks G-Lo.
Kazibar 4 months ago
Stinky Osama from Londonistan! Go and smell up the mosque with your stinky feet!
Vikora 4 months ago
Really that is your concern?
Douk 4 months ago
yeah right, mine didn't show so i e-mailed them just to get my wife and i's cards ... got a message they would get back to me in one business day .. never happenned so i e-mailed again got the same message except my message back to them this time was more blunt ... finally gave up, cards came then they finally e-mail asking stupid fking questions so i gave them a stupid fking answer
Arakree 3 months ago
Nobody is coming for your stupid guns.
Kagale 3 months ago
I agree that there are many different opinions. But there is also the majority opinion by scholars.
Yok 3 months ago
Hey if you're the kind who thinks that religious dissenters deserve to be killed, that's on you. God is an evil bastard; do you now think I should be killed?

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