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Amateur personal nude videos
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"But, if Rye sees any racism in that line from that poem, which, I assume, is why she calls the National Anthem "problematic", I don't interpret it that way. By referring to both the "hireling" (meaning the British military) and the slave (meaning former slave), the author of the poem is making no distinction between the two. He's not singling out the slave for scorn, or for more scorn than the "hireling". So I don't see any racism in that line and so I don't see what Rye thinks is "problematic" about the National Anthem. Seems to me that the author of the poem was merely noting the presence of slaves among those who died in the attack on Ft. McHenry. I also don't see where war, or death, is being glorified there. He's merely describing the successful defense of an American military installation against the destruction, or takeover, of it. If that's glorifying war, or death, every war movie would be a glorification of war or death. Maybe, to a pacifist, it would be. But I would respectfully disagree with them."

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Amateur personal nude videos

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Mezigore 10 months ago
This kind of thing needs energy. Lots of energy. Electrical grids aren't buried.
Vorisar 10 months ago
in yur van!
Kalabar 10 months ago
You get to decide what are scientific facts and atheistic theories? Which ones? Gravity? Evolution? Quantum Mechanics?
Kazilmaran 9 months ago
That's actually a good point. Maybe people are becoming more devout. Environmentalist, Feminists, Atheists, Socialists, Hedonists, Abortionists, are all becoming more devout.
Fekazahn 9 months ago
what about gay geman men with liquid roofies?
Vudok 9 months ago
"after an escalating number of gang related shootings."
Vigrel 9 months ago
I agree. I should add that qualifier to my statement. They need to be able to take care of them.
Fauzuru 9 months ago
I asked how you had determined your conclusions, where in my post did I give my opinion on the issue? I have no idea if animals have a concept of right or wrong or if they have a concept that equals existence. I don't know. You on the other hand are making all kinds of assertions with no evidence or justification. Who is the one making assumptions?
Mikakinos 9 months ago
Are you objectively agreeing? Or subjectively charming me? :-)
Zulkiktilar 9 months ago
The issue is less the "formed from clay" thing itself and more that Genesis shows humans being created from scratch as a separate thing to the rest of the animal.
Negis 9 months ago
Tell me more. You might actually get something right (which you haven't here).
Juramar 9 months ago
Boobs is not a physical flaw. Try again.
Zulukora 8 months ago
We've only seen MAGA on hemorrhoids.
Nataur 8 months ago
No, chick, they are not. "Leftist" has long been a term of art and tends to suggest a connection with radicals with a nihilist bent. So, no.. .
Zulkisida 8 months ago
Do you live in Sweeden? It can't be worse than the cave dweller, christian fanatics in the U.S.
Kazik 8 months ago
Yes you will.
Zulkinos 8 months ago
I think calling you out on your logical fallacy is a sign of intelligence.
Febei 8 months ago
It must be because the economics of san franisisco and its relationship to the population certainly wasnt the topic of conversation ,huh?....
Tunos 8 months ago
Honestly, you really need to give it a rest you poor thing.
Mulkree 7 months ago
Those women are horrible. They think the world revolves around them and their snot nosed brats.
Mogul 7 months ago
And all of these passages, of course, are isolated from their respective contexts. This would be like if I quoted from a Richard Dawkin's book and, say, isolated something from page 99, paragraph 3, sentence 5...while ignoring context.
Maukazahn 7 months ago
Keep waiting for God to fix everything, and nothing will ever change.
Voodoojind 7 months ago
Lol science doesn't concern itself with morals
Tulabar 7 months ago
Orientation is not what the gay culture has been about throughout history and you know it.
Mular 7 months ago
You are the one claiming it exists... but then claiming it doesn't... then now claiming you just gotta "look at things just right". lol. You don't have to do anything... just like no one is convinced by your assertions of knowledge that you clearly don't possess.
Vulkree 7 months ago
Eyes front! lol
Tern 6 months ago
No Jesus there would not have been a complete stop of scientific enhancement in Europe for the entire dark ages.
Zululrajas 6 months ago
17 million $$$ to conclude, collusion is not a crime and we have NOTHING to tie Trump to Russia.
Zolorisar 6 months ago
"If they are diabetic maybe they should cut back on the chips, or salt, get some exercise?"
Amateur personal nude videos

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