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Asians in public shower

Asians in public shower
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"Im not a believer. Those that are children of the kingdom and taste death, go into a slumber because the Soul which contains the person in it (the Spirit) is forced out of the body that died. That person is now in a subconscious state of being, much like dreaming."

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Merry Christmas With Ladyboy Cat

Merry Christmas With Ladyboy Cat

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Asians in public shower
Asians in public shower

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JoJokasa 6 months ago
anarchist/nationalist attacks led directly to WWI
Fejinn 6 months ago
"I would love,for once, to try to gain a genuine understanding of those who feel abortion should be illegal."
Fecage 6 months ago
You do understand the concept of God. The ultimate being with unlimited power he does as he choose without need for your permission or moral objections.
Zugami 6 months ago
This may be true of the US but there are Christian countries where converting to, or being from, another religion (or an atheist) creates quite a problem.
Zulkilrajas 6 months ago
I have. And did you ever ask?
Fenribar 6 months ago
1: all of history man. Research how the church spread, what happened to other religions once they took over, burning at the stake and killing your whole family was not out of the ordinary. Look at how the church handled native Americans in Spanish territories.
Bataxe 6 months ago
"Empirical evidence is information acquired by observation or experimentation. Scientists record and analyze this data. The process is a central part of the scientific method. "
Vimi 5 months ago
"?Have you considered that system of holy lies and pious frauds that has raged and triumphed for 1,500 years??"
Makazahn 5 months ago
Just being helpful, buddy!
Kigamuro 5 months ago
No, it would have been facilitating.
Bagar 5 months ago
So does that mean Trump is going to lose both houses seeing as he promised to make it better but all he did was make it worse?
Asians in public shower

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