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Clown midget urban legend

Clown midget urban legend
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"To each his own, I suppose. I have no such allergy and enjoy getting my teeth into the odd piece of dogma. And the resultant subsequent crunch"

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Clown midget urban legend
Clown midget urban legend

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Dot 11 months ago
You may be a not-so-clever demonic deception.
Mikahn 11 months ago
faith is the wishful thinking of the gullible and ignorant based on fear instilled into them by others.....
Kazigis 11 months ago
Exactly - faith and religion . You know... atheism
Kagazuru 11 months ago
Not if physical death is not the ultimate end.
Tuktilar 10 months ago
LOL..just like I thought. Your ignorant, racist white supremacist a s s cannot defend your bs and deflection is all you have to hide your ignorance. have nigger blood white boy.
Voodoozahn 10 months ago
Fast evolution. Fast breeding species. The only barriers are formed by hybridization. Any slice in time would reveal all degrees of speciation...including morph.
Fenrilmaran 10 months ago
Get a truck
Malataxe 10 months ago
Maybe they just wanted girl time. Also it's very different to be at the gym in front of men you don't know, another when it's a coworker.
Karamar 10 months ago
Too many opinions and different walks of life to all agree
Dizragore 10 months ago
Ok so mighty nite time for me so I?ll throw this out at ya...
Mikataxe 9 months ago
1. What's necessary?
Kaganris 9 months ago
Most people refer to that as a typo.
Daran 9 months ago
Igot that one LOL
Akinokus 9 months ago
I just asked a question. Not passing judgement. But you are I see.
Dousho 9 months ago
"Somehow or other, if you let this structure collapse, and I think it is collapsing, incidentally: it?s a house of cards built on some very bad concepts and some very poor science: poor because of the insistence that it is the only truth. If you let that crumble, what then happens?"
Vudokinos 8 months ago
I think that happened centuries ago if not before lol
Karn 8 months ago
I think we should actually give it a try and find out.
Tojarisar 8 months ago
Roadside stands are cool in their own right!...
Nilmaran 8 months ago
I live in central Texas, No where near an interstate, but Alabama is a beautiful state. The welfare in these red states is because of the large black demographic. The cities in the North, Detroit, Chicago, St Louis, Cleveland , Baltimore, ETC are all welfare hellholes. I worked for 48 years and earned my reward by hard work, Try it , duck..... Couldn't pay me too leave my beautiful ranch that looks like a well kept park for some city hellhole. I have everything I need too survive a social upheaval, from guns too food resources, while you are preyed upon by feral criminals. Wallow in your pen, duck....And keep paying those high taxes, the ferals live on your labor. Over and out Duck....
Grogor 8 months ago
Capitalism: why I don't believe in magic. The only people that end up making money on this nonsense all turn out to be con artists.
Duk 8 months ago
It won't be enough. People are pissed.
Niran 7 months ago
Considering homosexuality is entirely natural, by that logic, God is fine with it. He keeps making it.
Dojind 7 months ago
probably, so what?
Satilar 7 months ago
Segregation comes in two types. The person or group can segregate themselves from others, or it can be imposed where some group or individual is not allowed to freely participate. The law objects to not treating a group equally, in some way imposing different or increased conditions on the group. But from that same logic, the group can impose higher or stricter conditions upon itself. To do otherwise is to impose different standards by law on a group.
Faugar 7 months ago
It's a common LIE told by politicians and hateshow radio hosts to gin up the base.
Voodoosho 7 months ago
Yeah her broad body resembles a male, but her face is delicate as a flower
Milar 6 months ago
"My" truth, of course.
Mumi 6 months ago
Always love to see "our civilization" (so very superior, of course) at its best on display.
Narr 6 months ago
The personal, sovereign, eternal creator, origin of all that is knowledge or power is the true God of gods. Lesser God's, if real, are subordinate or insubordinate.
Tojakus 6 months ago
No idea where this comes from, but that's okay. Maybe China?
Kajikus 6 months ago
OK. I will rephrase. I never made a statement that people who don't believe the same things as me are automatically unreasonable. You asserted that I did. Correct?
Kezshura 5 months ago
There is the matter of about 1500 years difference in time between the Prophet, a religious figure of antiquity, supported by a piecemeal and largely unreliable historical record, and the USSR, with a clear historical record, who appeared in the lifetime of folks still with us, and who's former leaders now lead Russia.
Gobei 5 months ago
My point is Jesus told his followers give unto God was is God's and give unto Caesar what is Caesar's. Slavery was a huge part of the economy during the Roman empire and entirely legal. Paul's mission was to spread the Gospel and increase Christ's Church. God left it to the Christians of the 19th Century to end slavery.
Faele 5 months ago
40 authors, over 1000yrs, sharing their views, bits of history, poetry, parables and so much more.
Zushicage 5 months ago
So a hot May is climate, but a cold June is temperature?

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