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"I'm very particular about what political channel's I venture into... While up until a year ago I was a fairly left leaning guy... since I've moved more center-right (or rather, the left has pushed farther left than I care to) I find myself not having a "home" so to say, especially being a black man. The far right channels have too many posters that are hung up on old racial prejudices, while the left-leaning channels are quick to be just as racist towards a black guy that dares to think independently and question the popular narrative... I stick with some of the more "centered" channels, but they are few and far between."

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Bianca Enjoying a Pussy Pump and Anal Fuck Outdoors

Bianca Enjoying a Pussy Pump and Anal Fuck Outdoors

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Club dean strip poker
Club dean strip poker

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Sarn 10 months ago
"they paid their [tax].."
Mizuru 10 months ago
I think he's abhorrent and will gladly side with anyone who thinks so.
Shakashura 10 months ago
YES.... like what?! That was so disheartening.
Nadal 10 months ago
Once we can calibrate the "super" natural it will be the "NATURAL"
Tygom 9 months ago
you get it, others missed it.
Meztijar 9 months ago
So there's "something" existing outside creation?
Brazragore 9 months ago
Your brand of nuts attracts credulous rubes, too.
Shajin 9 months ago
Nothing like it is today as a wide scale industry.
Barr 9 months ago
That depends entirely on what you mean by "evolution."
Nikocage 8 months ago
Actually that is not completely true. It would depend on your interpretation of historical events. It was the interpretation of the 14th amendment (1866) which was passed to guarantee the rights of citizenship to former slaves and their decedents, and did not specifically address illegal aliens as it was not an issue at time of passage, that was expanded in 1965 with the passage of the Civil Rights Act with the interpretation of 14th Amendment to include citizenship rights to persons born in the US to non-citizens. (birthright citizenship-US is only country in the world that extends that privilege) Native Americans were excluded and not included until the passing of The Citizens Act of 1924, codified in 8USCS?1401 that guaranteed Native American citizenship and its privileges.
Kejin 8 months ago
What?s you problem with my assumption?
Goltikasa 8 months ago
As an atheist, I'd have no issues with being convinced, none at all.
Tygozilkree 8 months ago
"Osiris certainly predated Akhenaten's self-deification."
Nelar 8 months ago
Prove their pockets weren't empty to begin with!
Tatilar 7 months ago
I didn't realise I was Japanese. Neat.
Shaktikus 7 months ago
Yes... and honestly, there was video evidence of R.Kelly and he had already shown the behavior when he married Aaliyah when she was fifteen...
Vimuro 7 months ago
my test involves sex and videogames only XD
Dilar 7 months ago
so if I tell the FBI that you sell crack and build bombs that means they can kick in your door to verify that you arent?
Samuzahn 7 months ago
No, the other mention about Jesus who was called Christ, the brother of James in 20.200.
Nanris 7 months ago
No. Believing in the Torah doesn't make you a Jew. That's insufficient for the State of Israel to recognize you as a jew and grant you a passport.
Kazrakree 6 months ago
If Trump can get elected, then Kim's husband certainly could.
Kazragore 6 months ago
I can't get passed the mustache thing.
Faujind 6 months ago
The only thing that's being exposed right now is your over-reliance on meaningless buzzwords.
Mikalmaran 6 months ago
As Abe Simpson said, my car gets 40 rods to the hogs-head and that's the way I likes it!
Tosho 6 months ago
It was an amplification of one of the ridges that set up in the northern hemisphere summer off the west coast of continents - similar to the so-called 'polar vortex'
Akinogami 6 months ago
Here is one for you that is very tasty. It is the result of a long night of drinking in a nearly empty bar with a very attractive bartender and two college buddies. I give you the 'Radioactive Chicken'
Club dean strip poker

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