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"Nope. He was irrelevant as the "relevance" is now seen. In all my OP's as well as this one."

I'm not sure I ever felt so passionate ever before in my life. Deanna with her heart pounding almost fainted dead away in fright, as the brother said.

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Sexy girl naked pictures
Sexy girl naked pictures
Sexy girl naked pictures

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Bagis 8 months ago
Boris, why so shrill? Is it because YOU care so much? Oh, what a good guy and I'm sure you're much more intelligent than we "grovelers." By the way, good acts do not earn salvation; a fact which I have to repeatedly inform non-believers of.
Kara 8 months ago
To discriminate? I'm so glad you're showing your hateful side.
Moogut 8 months ago
The misandry is strong with this one! I love it. Welcome to the club. Meetings are Tuesday nights at 7, bring a dish to pass. ;)
Taugor 8 months ago
How is it different from the printing press in terms of the 1st amendment?
Yozshulmaran 8 months ago
Care to locate the word "Jew" or any equivalence in: "Of course one reason we can know that this is religious allegory and not literal, is by the fact that history does not record any of that violent stuff you mentioned as actually having happened literally?" Backpedaling does not afford salvation from out-and-out lying.
Samugore 8 months ago
I do not see a headline with the word "Found"
Brara 8 months ago
Yup, I'm just a thinker...whether the thoughts are real, Who the f*ck knows
Tojaramar 8 months ago
9 months later.....
Febei 7 months ago
Tea > coffee
Gakinos 7 months ago
I go to Toronto fairly often. I would move back there in a heartbeat if I could afford to buy a house in my favorite neighborhoods. It's kind of stupid to think a city the size of Toronto doesn't have any problems or areas that can be dicey but to paint the whole of Toronto with a tar brush because of that is ludicrous.
Akill 7 months ago
My mom said I walked out of there like a gangsta.
Kigashakar 7 months ago
What created evolution? What created the universe?
Shakajar 7 months ago
I thought you would have an answer since you so willingly jumped into the conversation and even suggested I take a course in political science.
Mugal 6 months ago
Yep. And Orthodox Jewish women too (although some use *amazing* and $$$ expensive wigs to do so! ;-)
Gronos 6 months ago
I admit what is true, not what is wished by others.
Vudolkis 6 months ago
"And when the 1,000 years are ended, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,
Samujind 6 months ago
Thank you. I am just glad he is no longer suffering. He hated being a shell of his former self.
Kajas 5 months ago
I would tell him he lost my future business and that of every recommended friend. I would tell them I was going straight to his best competitor and my yelp review would not be kind. : ) And I was planning on sinning more because of his cakes!
Bagami 5 months ago
No. It is God's will that we be free. All of us have used this freedom to harm another at some point in our lives. This makes God very angry. But instead of pouring out His justified wrath on all of us, He poured it out instead on His own Son. Now, we each have a choice to humble ourselves to accept this gift of grace. It is God's wish that we all do so. But we can rebel against God's wishes and refuse His gift. One day, each person will be held responsible for all of their choices, and that day is only delayed by God's mercy toward those who are yet to humbly accept His gift. Justice will be served one way or another.
Fetaxe 5 months ago
So what are your qualifications in that case?
Yozshutaur 5 months ago
THAT kept you up all night?
Yor 5 months ago
Sad, but true. Thank you for your insights. ???????
Kigarr 4 months ago
They always try to avoid the forced donation thing, even though that is what they are trying to force on others.
Mazuzshura 4 months ago
Not sure who Shermer is?
Sam 4 months ago
I'm not sure it matters. No evidence can support the existence of any god so, naturally, I think it is best to withhold belief until that changes
Duzuru 4 months ago
i guess with a taxpayer budget 100 times bigger than the competition you had better be pulling in big numbers - tho for the cbc results don't really matter
Kagajind 4 months ago
Flatout baloney. You didn't read my link or else you didn't understand it.
Kell 3 months ago
Pick as many as you like. I find debating history way more fun and useful than debating abstractions! :)
Jubar 3 months ago
If this lost us their support then they are not a valuable ally. Being rid of them then makes America great again.
Nikogor 3 months ago
that's more descriptive than prescriptive. the inconsistent spectrum of interpretation among christianity and its sects sometimes make it difficult to establish a baseline for a conversation. pointing that out, with the implied varied interpretation of an infallible text are only a couple of bricks in the wall of issues surrounding the bible and christianity. i think that's what the OP is driving at, in not so few words.
Nagul 2 months ago
They aren't studying it. The articles aren't about it. How am I the fraud?
Kejind 2 months ago
The Jews? You mean the folks from the MIddle East who have tanned skin, frizzy hair, and iffy beards?

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