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Husband is an ass

Husband is an ass
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"Forgive me. I assumed you understood English and the idiomatic use of pronouns by English speakers."

He leaned back and I barely noticed he hadn't raised up his seat back from earlier. I'll send in 3 more guys.

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He smiles back with a nod of his head. Shut your mouth Samantha. Gorgeous.

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Sam 10 months ago
Nope. I was tired and she was triggered. But IM up now "lol"
Gukree 10 months ago
Regardless of who walks by, it is common courtesy to maintain eye contact with the person that is talking to you.
Kigall 10 months ago
Terminating an unwanted pregnancy is the responsible thing to do. We have too many people on this earth already.
Vile 9 months ago
"Here have a pamphlet. It concisely explains that Anglicanism is the one true faith, and Queen Elizabeth is God's representative on earth. We do sherry and quiche. And gin if it's a weekday afternoon."
Dijora 9 months ago
Why does every libtard imbecile say that?
JoJozilkree 9 months ago
demonstrate why Hitler was a bad person
Mikalkree 9 months ago
In the US? Likely a score of factors. It would be a very interesting psychology paper.
Aralkis 9 months ago
Was thinking about what is my type?
Zulkira 8 months ago
I can't believe how many people are on the take and thus willing to look the other way. They aren't unaware of the realities, they simply don't have to care.
Fenrigami 8 months ago
Because the OP gives some premises for granted, whereas I think that they should be explained and qualified.
Mezicage 8 months ago
Sadly I think many women have it worse than most men - in that they are stuck physically, emotionally and financially caring for a child (or children) when the father is AWOL.
Dagar 8 months ago
What fault would that be?
Dur 8 months ago
The Catholic church destroyed so much knowledge during the Medieval Dark Ages. They burned countless libraries, books, and anything else that they deemed "harmful to God". The Catholic church has a long history of suppressing knowledge in order to give them more power and control over the uneducated masses.
Kajora 8 months ago
It is certainly not meaningless or trivial. It is Bible-based truth. Jesus did not run a "sect" even though other people termed it a sect. The Sadducees and Pharisees were not sects either. They were like political parties are today.
Tausar 7 months ago
Who peed in your cheerios?!
Kigajar 7 months ago
Get a truck
Malasida 7 months ago
That's just....wrong, man!
Mazulabar 7 months ago
Be a fitting end.
Tobar 6 months ago
I feel like I've missed something.
Mezisida 6 months ago
Same. How can we make this happen?!
Kazirg 6 months ago
Historical narratives in antiquity never contain dialog, people all speaking to each other and boogymen in complete sentences. Only fictive narratives contain dialog such as we find in the texts we are talking about. Omniscient authors are also fiction writers. If you don't know what they are then you have never taken a class in Literature. I have and so when we hold the religious texts up to just standard literary criticism they fail all the tests for historicity and pass all the tests for fiction with flying colors. Plus anyone who thinks there is no reason to question claims made in religious texts is about as delusional as a person could ever be and ripe for the picking for some evangelist or other BS artist. We should not question tales of the supernatural? I bet you question scientific findings all the time but never your baseless religious superstitions
Duzil 6 months ago
Trump's children have never worked a hard day IN THEIR LIVES. They create companies with their family money, based solely on the family name.
Sharn 6 months ago
Yes, specially if you compare those stories to real life similar events that Tolkien would have lived through and Rowling would have known about.
Goltigis 6 months ago
What determines "
JoJoshicage 5 months ago
Okay, I've given up on reading through all of the previous comments (828 and counting) first, so here's my input:
Kajira 5 months ago
Why not do it naked? Old school.
Malagul 5 months ago
Sorry but I have a policy about never reading a comment which starts with "Dude".
Vugor 4 months ago
Yet, they cherry pick and use vst part of the OT when they feel like it
Tet 4 months ago
Only it?s not a movie plot. Whether it was hidden or not, I don?t know. At this time, where it might be is controlled by the muslim Waqf and they will not allow for excavation.
Mikataxe 4 months ago
Government is expensive even if run by a business.
Husband is an ass

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