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"Red Hen is the devil :)"

"Oh hello, thanks. They must have been supermen she thought.

Mofos - Sexy babe tries anal for the first time

Mofos - Sexy babe tries anal for the first time

I'm sorry. Anne Abernathy is a corporate attorney. " "Three weeks?" "Yeah, I'm having to meet with the rep from the Chinese division. They seemed to open easily at his touch. Gen led Jake to the window so he could see the angry, extremely dark clouds starting to fade from the afternoon sky.

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Seat for every ass
Seat for every ass
Seat for every ass

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Voodookree 1 year ago
Hahaha... well, we have to have a bit of fun with our freedom of speech from time to time, eh?
Feshura 1 year ago
Your God would kill half the population because of resources?
Nishura 1 year ago
And that view itself is sexist.
Dilkis 1 year ago
Not the point.
Grogal 1 year ago
You applied what you consider a bad treat to an entire population. That is generally know as bigotry.
Zutilar 1 year ago
She looks at me like that then go ahead have your way with me
Voodoorisar 1 year ago
Depo made me gain weight.
Dill 1 year ago
When I look at a person im not concerned about what they are doing with their private parts. Perhaps, that's your thing.
Meztigor 1 year ago
That is the retcon lie he told. At the time of the incident in 2012 the store had 15 employees and 2 locations with multiple employees that decorated cakes, wedding and otherwise. When the ruling hit, the business fired 6 employees, presumptively all the others that decorated cakes.
Zulurg 1 year ago
I'm not blaming her for her own murder. Where are you getting that from? I'm blaming his lack of ability to handle rejection.
Dajind 1 year ago
Being attracted to someone of the same sex shows that you need healing. You dont sin unless you act on it.
Tektilar 1 year ago
You are right, Debra. Even gay couples divorce. As for keeping one's zipper zipped, I think that that applies to men as well.
Vujar 11 months ago
He doesn't even want to be there for crying out loud,he should just stay the f*ck home!
Nezil 11 months ago
No, it was an insult. You insulted someone who is dead because he didn't believe what you did. He didn't believe your bullshit fable.
Mezizilkree 11 months ago
>>"you know perfectly well that the one thing that is true about sightings of bigfoot is that it is never invisible."<<
Dair 11 months ago
I would stalk Chris hemsworth but I would lose interest because I don?t have the energy to be this crazy
Mezijora 11 months ago
Yes, it fully addresses it. You just did not like my answer.
Keshakar 11 months ago
Also, I need to move :)
Tokazahn 11 months ago
This never happened. It's a complete LIE.
Mogal 10 months ago
"It murdered Christ...remember?"
Kirn 10 months ago
Jesus was very clear that one should not wash their hands before eating, as was Jewish custom.
Dazilkree 10 months ago
Of the industrial countries, we are at the bottom. Of course India is worse.
Kagor 10 months ago
Thanks for your convoluted conclusion. What's wrong with a living wage law?
Akigami 10 months ago
Ceasers Messiah? Well.... it just might be! Im reading some interesting stuff on the Jesus board- but ive got to get ready to go to "a meeting" Yikes>>?
Gokasa 9 months ago
Nope, I agree - no evidence of "an invisible guy"
Baktilar 9 months ago
Again, your thinking is not coherent.
Kigataxe 9 months ago
Welcome to Disqus. You are right about the way some on the site throw epithets at others. It really isn't necessary. Most discussions are civil with some sarcasm thrown it. You shouldn't take things too seriously. Take them with a grain of salt. And no matter how you are answered, you always have the choice to keep your part of the discussion civil.
Visida 9 months ago
Beat me to it. lol
Fenrizil 9 months ago
I love going to local markets when I travel.
Mezimi 8 months ago
I'm not arguing with you. I'm simply saying that I probably misunderstood you initial comment. Also, I have little interest in perusing whatever it was that you were attempting to say.
Seat for every ass

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