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Breast cancer means louise hay heal your life

Breast cancer means louise hay heal your life
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Breast cancer means louise hay heal your life
Breast cancer means louise hay heal your life

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Kashakar 1 year ago
hahaha Can't see gravity either, but I can drop an anvil on your foot and let you decide if gravity exists.
Malakree 1 year ago
Ah! A sentence!
Vizilkree 11 months ago
I'm nothing if not vain.
Nashicage 11 months ago
And that, ladies and gentlemen of
Ket 11 months ago
That's exactly what Jesus meant when he said "Love your neighbor as you would love yourself", right? Sad.
Grokora 11 months ago
In the Christian religion as long as the experience is in line with scripture and the nature of God there?s no conflict
Kagadal 11 months ago
That is probably common core math so it is 4. ;)
Goltikazahn 11 months ago
Now it is the time to change the condition of this forum as others has done it already. That means it is not "mental condition". It is just you hearing the better only now.
Tekazahn 10 months ago
Context, my friend.
Yonris 10 months ago
Gehennah has addressed your specific examples, so I'll just talk to the general premise:
Kagagor 10 months ago
Down to 6 a minute ago!
Kajizahn 10 months ago
For what? Trying to protect jobs and keep the company in the USA? Good luck with that one. Not a big Trump fan, but at least he is trying to keep American companies in America.
Shazuru 9 months ago
More correctly it?s ? I got your Big Bang RIGHT HERE!?
Yozshurn 9 months ago
whoa whoa whoa, you're wanting him to apply reasonable skepticism he used on another religion to his own religion... you can't expect him to do that.
Zoloramar 9 months ago
Well, that's too bad, we had a good discussion.^
Akinojind 9 months ago
I think "human loving superpower" is a simplistic understanding of God: and I think citing smallpox is good proof of why that's a problem.
Taukus 9 months ago
There is a direct correlation between homophobia and ignorance of science. You demonstrate that correlation perfectly.
Doubar 9 months ago
First, thanks enormously both for the information about the origins of TAD, about which I was quite unclear, and for your efforts and those of other mods since then. TAD is pretty much the only place I comment anymore (outside of a very occasional thought on the "Political Animal" at "Washington Monthly" and Martin Longman's personal site at "Booman Tribune."
Kazilabar 8 months ago
But if it's all gone, then no they wouldn't and they wouldn't be able to prove it otherwise.
Vijind 8 months ago
It's not possible for light and darkness on Earth to exist on North/South hemispheres, it's closer to a East/West scenario (axial tilt). The "dark" hemisphere is often illuminated by light reflected by the moon.
Nerg 8 months ago
Stalin did the same, I call it hereditary because the leadership passes from father to son.
Zugar 8 months ago
Honest. That's why the background check after the third date. "Seemed" won't cut it.
Dorn 8 months ago
It's a free country, sort of. You're entitled to be wrong.
Mogor 7 months ago
She's intelligent from what I can tell.
Kazigrel 7 months ago
It requires at least a little critical thinking to understand irony. Looks like you don't understand irony.
Kajira 7 months ago
Most of the accusations are coming from those detained as being raped by other detainees. There was a whole news segment devoted to it a couple years back, I want to say Dateline because I watch that one the most but it could have been another special on it I saw on cable.
Dizragore 7 months ago
Or if we can bore big enough holes in their heads. Let the demons out and the sunshine in
Mut 7 months ago
Also, does the author of the article, Marlowe Hood, understand something we don't after reading this.
Miramar 7 months ago
That's sheer hypocrisy. Also, maybe you just want a blowjob. Are you saying that you have to finish it up with vaginal penetration or you've sinned?
Nam 6 months ago
So are you at least done pretending you've actually read ancient Greco-Roman biographies now (given that you clearly had no idea what was in Herodotus' "Histories")?
Faektilar 6 months ago
That would be incorrect.
Mozragore 6 months ago
Yes and we will. Keep up the vile remarks and attacks. See ya in November.
Shakatilar 6 months ago
NM...I like my teeth!

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