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Gay marriage and christianity

Gay marriage and christianity
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Gay marriage and christianity
Gay marriage and christianity

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Kashicage 9 months ago
Ha ha its you who believe in a fallacy... you deluded fool.
Vimuro 9 months ago
Whether its narcissistic or not, it is still a form of objective morality. For example, from a legal standpoint, theft is objectively wrong since laws against stealing apply to everyone equally.
Nizil 9 months ago
Yeah it's awful. It bothers me to see the music industry just ignore this. If he was in jail I wouldn't care.
Vudok 8 months ago
None of his "South Asian Analysts" knew. Let's see, his number one analyst and former golf caddie said to tone down on the nuclear holocaust threats and compliment him, which was good advice. His hair dresser's husband is Korean and he suggested the building of a string of trashy hotels and casinos with gold toilets which was also good advice. Neither of them picked up on the years of culture and history stuff. If Obama and Hillary hadn't soiled the relationship, it may have worked.
Femuro 8 months ago
Try once more, in English or Russian, genius
Shadal 8 months ago
According to whom?
Mekus 8 months ago
Again, when you post lies about science, you will be called on those lies.
Zulkigor 8 months ago
well the video evidence suggests RoFo barrelled into McConnell whether purposefully or not.
Fenritaur 7 months ago
did you throw her in a box and put her under the bed, with your hotwheels..?
Kazralrajas 7 months ago
I wish that I appreciated naps when I was younger. I'd give my left tit for one, right now.
Kazrashura 7 months ago
Mine will be 46 Sunday
Faeshura 7 months ago
Live in whatever manner makes you happy and doesn't bother others.
Fenrizahn 7 months ago
Truth is always worth it.
Goltijind 7 months ago
Yup. Bitter, gross and overpriced. I'd take Folgers over starbucks anyday.
Meztisar 6 months ago
I was really surprised at how civil it was, at least as long as I followed it.
Dogami 6 months ago
I'd probably spend the extra money to have an amazing cake delivered from elsewhere. I'd voice my frustration at the baker who refused me and I'd give scathing internet reviews. It's entirely possible I'd share the story with anyone who will listen, especially reporters. That's about as far as I'd go though. No legal action. Mostly just making sure everyone in the area is aware of that particular baker's business practices.
Sacage 6 months ago
First of all, there is no gay gene and we will never find a gay gene for a very simple reason. Any gene that programs an organism to couple with another organism of the same sex would evolve itself out of existence as it could not be passed down to the next generation.
Akinot 6 months ago
Usually he's referred to as the Son. The Father is usually assigned to a different facet of the Godhead.
Tauzragore 6 months ago
So you wish for a country where laws are non-existent? Where anarchy reigns?
Gardakazahn 6 months ago
Timeless falsehoods have a history also.
Nishicage 6 months ago
Believing something is true when it is not is as a result of plain stupidity or a delusion or indoctrination.
Dailkis 5 months ago
Actually Trump singled out one particular man, and he was roughed up at Trumps request. So yes that passes my standard for inciting violence...
Gazuru 5 months ago
There in lies the problem what is hate to you may not be hate to others. So this then boils down to who makes the decision what is hate and not?
Fenrile 5 months ago
And this is the kind of guy leftards look up to and try to emulate.
Vosho 5 months ago
This is a very insightful comment, Yvonne.
Shar 5 months ago
I didn't even suggest you respect me, though, Gillette.
Gay marriage and christianity

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