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I want anal gape
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"Being good isn't helping the nation. It only helps oneself. Feeling good about yourself doesn't stop the abuse from those who take power by not being good."

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Tattooed Teen Fucks a Vibrator

Tattooed Teen Fucks a Vibrator

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Kajigal 6 months ago
That is mere assertion on your part and typical of everything you say. Now establish that the god of the bible is real and is the trues and only god.
Mazuzil 5 months ago
at this point, you're not even trying.
Moogunos 5 months ago
Kek 5 months ago
And the best part is that Wynne won her seat in a rump party and have a front row seat of the investigation, well maybe not front row anymore.
Dir 5 months ago
I'm mostly referring to laypeople, but also to scholars pre-Schweitzer who reached similar conclusions.
Shakashakar 5 months ago
Umm, there is a video embedded in there.
Vudole 5 months ago
See. Ontario is already looking better to you.
Duramar 4 months ago
Does it? Science does not know. No proof so far that it exists. We did not have any idea about those invisible super small neutrinos until fairly recently in the game, either. Certainly lack of proof does not prove ESP or other "spiritual stuff" does not exist.
Akinoll 4 months ago
I'm getting quite old and I have already lived longer than two of my brothers, mother and father who all died quite young. Death comes early in my family. I look forward to dying and discuss this with my wife quite often. My wife worked in a nursing home for much of her career and witnessed many people dying. She has many interesting stories of people repenting of their sins so they can go and be with the Lord. One man's story stands out to me because he knew he was going to Hell and was content to allow the clock to run out on his worthless life. He was actually determined to accept what he deserved. My wife was known as "The Christian Nurse" and this man's wife asked by wife to talk to him and see if she could get him to reconsider his fate. So she did. She started talking to him about Christ and this man was no fool he knew what my wife was about so he started coughing out loud to shut her up. Well my wife is no fool either and knew what he was trying to do so...?. she started telling him a very interesting story to get him to listen to her and it worked. He stopped coughing and started listening to her story. She led her interesting story into talking about Christ and the consequences that he was about to face. (He had terminal cancer and died about 7 days after he arrived at my wife's nursing home). By the time my wife was done drawing him a picture of what eternity in Hell would be like, he decided going to Hell wasn't for him. He repented and the following day he died.
Groramar 4 months ago
Heard more in depth interview w/his attorney today. Bottom line,
Tojabei 4 months ago
A difficulty that begins in your holier-than-me presumption that i provide " irrationality behind your antitheist, anti-God petulance."
Torn 4 months ago
we don't need it! How come you didn't join but you are ready to make others join? That's called a Chicken Hawk!
Zologar 4 months ago
Many Christians act in accordance with societal laws out of fear of punishment, both here and in the afterlife. They are scared into being decent people.
Gardabei 3 months ago
LOL "they're all weenies but I'm cool guy. Cool guy is me."
Arajin 3 months ago
I have used Ambien. Half the usual dose was more than enough for me. My behavior, on the usual dose, was usually just sleep, but on occasion resulted in cooking, eating, searching madly for stuff in the basement, and incoherent phone calls, none of which I remembered. Seriously panicked other people. I also think she made a bad joke, and the reaction was worse.
Tojami 3 months ago
Well... the story of the Good Samaritan comes immediately to mind.
Yolkis 3 months ago
I think there are plenty of people who don't resemble your god (females, for instance.) It is not so hard to disregard the sermons about humans reflecting the image of god if they don't resemble god. I also don't subscribe to the notion that humans are far superior to other living things.
Gokus 2 months ago
They come in all stripes and types, just like any other generation.
Daizshura 2 months ago
>>"The last thing the Muslims in this country want is for it to be like the country they left. They came here for a better life."<<
Akinolabar 2 months ago
What part doesn't? It is fine to claim you don't believe in a God but keep science out of it. If you were educated in science you would know this.
Akinokinos 2 months ago
Neither did Sanders. She supports it like I do. Like millions of others do. That makes us complacent in your world.
Akirn 1 month ago
Repeat this with anything other than your god.
Fenrirn 1 month ago
Poor Billy. He really believes the very silly Fonda actually wants Barron imprisoned with pedophiles.
Moogulkree 1 month ago
white privilege is actually more like white intelligence. that way you don't end up laying in the street, bleeding out with your ass hanging out for the world to laugh at, as your last picture on earth.
Tugis 1 month ago
dammm..and you really think he gives a shit about you?..he blows through your money like you grow it on trees..yah he was right when he said he could kill your parents and you would still suck on him....very very sad.
Gosho 1 month ago
Where's the first time shooting a rifle?
Jubei 1 month ago
It is as dumb as Democratic Code Pink war protesters showing up to protest the war with pu$$y hats shaped like lips and all, pink tutus, and leopard skin leotards
Goltir 1 month ago
I suspect you're not actually as bigoted towards theft, for example, as you might want to think. Can you steal a loaf of bread to feed a starving child? (for example.)

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