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"Lol. You just keep repeating yourself because you don?t understand how statistics are calculated. This is typical with your low intellect voter demographic, you can?t contribute so you have to respond by repeating what you clearly don?t understand. Let me know when you?re ready to discuss the facts and we can outline your ignorance so you can become a productive member of society. ;)"

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Sadie Holmes-Caress his cockhead

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Kegor 1 year ago
So God only has one thought? I think it is so much simpler to say time has always been because God has always been. Perhaps one day He might tell us.
Kagagor 1 year ago
Did you type that with a straight face? Trying to hold down the bile? I mean, if you are not in the first year of college, this is incredibly naive. I will commend you on noticing that Conservatives work while liberals play.
Kall 1 year ago
I want western people to be aware of Islam. Most are ignorant of the fact that it's a violent totalitarian ideology.
Kazralar 1 year ago
More childish off topic trolling.
Fenrilkis 1 year ago
But .. But .. But .. it's Prince Harris ;)
Mikagami 1 year ago
I have learned that atheists aren't interested in learning, and are too proud to admit that they are wrong. So I bring the message, and leave it in God's hands whom to convince.
Kazikus 1 year ago
Not in the discussion post. But she was identified in the article itself.
Kajimuro 1 year ago
Versus trickle-up economics practiced by Obama when the Big Three automakers were bailed out in 2009.
Maurr 11 months ago
Look benefit of the doubt is given to those who have plausible cause or reasonable connection to a story. Mike Huckabee regardless of his political status is that he is Sarah Sanders father and that was his family being harassed as well. He would be hearing first hand accounts as to what was happening by those who were being harassed. Unless you can prove otherwise he has more inside knowledge of what happened than what has been told by anyone else. So no I do not believe he is lying.
Doujas 11 months ago
You so fell for fake news!
Moogushicage 11 months ago
Time to break this down. This will be a hoot.
Shakasar 11 months ago
You have no idea of what an eye witness account is.
Kishakar 10 months ago
And the universe loves us. Thanks April.
Sanos 10 months ago
One second?no excuse. A half second? Who am I to quibble over details?
Shaktikora 10 months ago
it's 5:03 am here. I'm not gonna stay away anymore for this.
Ararisar 10 months ago
I gave you several actual peer-reviewed papers and asked you to refute them.
Nizshura 10 months ago
I sorta agree, even as a fairly conservative parent.
Akilkree 9 months ago
Well, that makes it easy, doesn't it?
JoJotilar 9 months ago
Yep my one is....? A Wall Nut...( Tiny Brain Inside ....) Yes I know mine is.
Dilkree 9 months ago
Awww (>?<) this is endearingly romantic!! ?
Mokazahn 8 months ago
Yes lets show all the math so my work leaves into internet land unprotected. Really logical. Start a petition.
Shakajas 8 months ago
Shouldn't the law stop things that are harmful?
Fenrigal 8 months ago
Lol. Yeah, kinda makes a statement. we as a non religious household love Christmas. It is what it is and a greta time to be with family. To each his own and F the PCers who think it's offensive. I have tons of Muslim clinets and the only people offended by Merry Christmas are a certain kind of lefty. Not that I'm right. I just don't like be told what to do or think.
Braktilar 8 months ago
Who did he say he was?
Mataur 8 months ago
Oh the conspiracy theory ROFL. Fk'ing idiot...
Tejind 8 months ago
Aren't you the one who screams "Whataboutism" at every corner
Kajizragore 8 months ago
Youre a conservative, of course you need to lie!
Kajisida 7 months ago
I think he understood that we'd actually need to get the subpoena first. I think what he wanted was to get someone unaware that would just hand him the information he requested without having to get one.
Dale 7 months ago
It's just silly, really. I'm a feminist, right? The whole point of that is to see that it's ok for women to be whatever they want to be. If that's a working mom, fine. If that's a SAHM, that's fine, too.
Zulkihn 7 months ago
A person named Jesus may have lived around those times however the Jesus of the Bible who performed so many so called miracles is less believable.
Yozshugar 7 months ago
Lol. So 1 bank disproves the trend found in an investigation by Congress? Alright. I see you don't know how statistics work.

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