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"it's true. No believer or atheist can claim they 'know'. If you are, you are being dishonest"

" I pulled my sunglasses down my nose and gave her an oh-please' look. " "Y-your welcome, Ms.

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Naked girls smoking weed pictures

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Shaktikree 8 months ago
?I write nothing for publication, and last of all things should it be on the subject of religion. On the dogmas of religion as distinguished from moral principles, all mankind, from the beginning of the world to this day, have been quarrelling, fighting, burning and torturing one another, for abstractions unintelligible to themselves and to all others, and absolutely beyond the comprehension of the human mind. Were I to enter on that arena, I should only add an unit to the number of Bedlamites.
Barisar 8 months ago
Why are you afraid to address his question?
Zulujora 8 months ago
It is totally relevant. No one should get bothered over such small things. Don't you see how that tiny little detail totally derailed the rest of the conversation?
Moogutaur 8 months ago
Totally agree with you. At the time I made that statement I had not looked into major climatic changes around that time. It makes far more sense that it was the result of a major environmental change than that it simply happens on a regular cycle. I was also influenced by a reviewer saying that species become new species roughly every 200 000 years due to accumulated genetic changes. They didn't actually present any evidence for that, though.
Zuluk 8 months ago
Not a fan of Tyson or Foxx in particular so neither will be richer for me paying to see it.
Gataxe 8 months ago
I'm not buying any of that. A grand jury, not Mueller, indicted them, knowing full well that they would not face trial, because they believed, based on law, that the 13 Russians had violated law. Mueller indicted them, indirectly, by giving the evidence to a grand jury. What was this Russian company? When did they demand a trial and when did Mueller tell the judge that "they weren't ready for that yet"? I don't know how you define "fair and square" but with what went on with the Trump campaign, the Russians, and Comey's statement, I don't call that "fair and square". And I don't think that a system that allows a person to win with fewer individual votes is fair either even though that, obviously, isn't Trump's fault. BTW, Trump doesn't think it's fair either, even though he benefitted from it, because he said that presidential elections should be decided only by popular vote. I just know you're going to tell me the story about the three million illegal votes for Hillary. Don't even try. Like so much of what Trump says, he offered no proof of that. Do you seriously think that I'm going to be deterred because you think I'm making a fool of myself? As if I actually take that seriously? As if I value what you think? I know that Trump supporters are delusional but come on, man. You can't be that far gone, can you?
Gugor 8 months ago
I'm beginning to worry about you.
Bashakar 8 months ago
"Yes, we did produce a near perfect Republic."..... On the Backs of Others Yes...
Fautaur 7 months ago
Husband of my oldest sister. He was... Not nice. She was my guardian angel. Long story.
Mejinn 7 months ago
It's the Trump strategy, let the citizens fight with each other as it distracts and distorts the truth to the extent people don't trust or believe anything except tweets and or propaganda.
Mezimi 7 months ago
Now they're dancing... Glad I decided to watch. It's a good movie.
Grok 7 months ago
Sexy gardeners who plant by moonlight.
Doular 7 months ago
Even so, been to England lately?
Mazukazahn 7 months ago
You could have just said "I don't know".
Zolonris 7 months ago
This piece by Matt Walsh sums it up nicely.
Shaktitaur 6 months ago
INot sure about True Scotsman Fallacy - but historical truth.
Tekree 6 months ago
But then the fun part for some Christians is gone.
Tarn 6 months ago
So Canada should take all efforts to keep these refugees in the US, and let it be an American problem? That seems neither neighbourly nor Christian.
Malaran 6 months ago
You do realize that Adam and Eve as 2 literal people never existed don't you?
Doukree 5 months ago
Seven hours of sleep and you're back at it, compensating for your personal inadequacies with a keyboard......belittle, I BET it is.
Dukasa 5 months ago
Just stop. I swear some days you just need to be contrarian because you think it is a more interesting argument.
Zulugore 5 months ago
My mother refused to let me get my hair cut. So I did it myself. She got over it. It's just hair. It will grow back.

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