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Rosie lee jada 2 4 1

Rosie lee jada 2 4 1
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"Because an unaccountable strike force executing a campaign of ethnic cleansing is incompatible with democracy."

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Chick 13 - Scene 4

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Rosie lee jada 2 4 1
Rosie lee jada 2 4 1
Rosie lee jada 2 4 1

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Maukora 9 months ago
Your question was ridiculous, and your analogy more so.
Toramar 9 months ago
TS - - - I don't "expect people to open my links". I don't expect people to even read my responses.
Kajicage 8 months ago
"An employer doesn't have to keep a worker who can't perform. It's that simple. "
Gardalkree 8 months ago
I agree you should just use the best person for the job and usually when I hire people actually look around
Taugore 8 months ago
But you're saying the problem's Islam. Islam's behaving exactly like Christianity 600 years ago.
Mebei 8 months ago
Does that not answer your questions?
Goramar 7 months ago
Right now I'm a "blusher"... :)
Vushicage 7 months ago
it's not about theology ... it's about making contact with the Living God, who made all things by Jesus Christ!!! people believed for the first three centuries had no theology and defeated the Roman Empire in less than 300 years without the sword!!
Gudal 7 months ago
I'm just saying what I mean by "free will."
Samucage 7 months ago
Same. See ya around.
Mazuzil 7 months ago
Yeah fuvk freedom!!!! /s
Zukus 6 months ago
Go easy on the retarded
Aratilar 6 months ago
Think about having to actually do the 3 1/2 hour service for you bar mitzvah. But I did it..
Dalkis 6 months ago
No thanks, babe. Got my own. :)
Zulkisida 6 months ago
Owner's desk. He's never here.
Kazil 6 months ago
Bullsh1t. I am not making a claim to any kind of moral example or superiority - therefore, I don't have a duty to give up my stuff away. These so-called "preachers" do.
Sagore 6 months ago
When you have so few criticisms of the Liberals, the odd one that you do toss in seems to be a token gesture. Just saying.
Gardazuru 6 months ago
Again, the name ?court? has no legal bearing. They are regulatory bodies that see their own internal proceedings. You can take my other examples and call them Vet Courts and Law Society Courts if you like. They do the same thing.
Sakora 6 months ago
Not proven either.
Kill 5 months ago
"You just don't like that people have an opportunity to actually HAVE a life instead of being damned to poverty and ignorance just because you have an issue with the expulsion of a clump of non-sentient cells. "
Yodal 5 months ago
I imagine this has something to do with the OP. I just can't figure out what
Shagore 5 months ago
No problem. I know you are full of it. You keep lying.
Toshicage 5 months ago
Because it is not what you think and what you think is ummm (Blush) unclean...

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