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"Hello Dynbrake, I have enjoyed reading your comments. The gap theory doesn't hold water when Yahweh himself stated it was one day, measured from evening to morning. The study of the root of day in this text is a literal 24 hour period."

I tuned off the water and ordered her to kneel I think she knew what was coming and she was eager. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the pool wall.

Shy teen girl seduced by the teacher

Shy teen girl seduced by the teacher

I've never seen a man so infuriated. " She said giving him a peck on the Skme that made her stomach churn. None of the boys she had been with where nearly this good. " He was being too nice now, part of her was suspicious of his behavior and part of her was strangely ashamed at how she was acting.

They stretched her out and picked up the pace.

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Some french 50plus ladies

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Maubar 8 months ago
Sure! All the cool kids do that :)
Mejind 8 months ago
She said lefts--- anyways.
Shaktikinos 8 months ago
Let me break it down, like REALLY down, for you.
Jusida 8 months ago
School zones gone soon. Just...a bit...longer...
Gardalar 8 months ago
That's a yes, You support denying service based on discrimination rooted in the dangerous mind pollution of religion.
Zololmaran 7 months ago
Pedophile cum gurgler!
Mikree 7 months ago
I haven't blocked any mods... and lol this is the only channel I actually comment on. On blogs that have disqus enabled as an add-on, I have blocked posters in the past. Typically these are the ones who are crazy (like saying religious stuff all the time), have offensive content and hurtle abuse, posters that don't know how to articulate their viewpoint without insulting others, or posters that don't know how to end a discussion.. One of my pet peeves is people who think that because you don't agree with their viewpoint and you're not interested in debating ad nauseam on the internet that either you can't prove your point, can't handle differing viewpoints, or are ignorant. Lol meanwhile I'm like, we ain't [yes I said AIN'T not aren't] getting paid for keystrokes on the discuss forums bruh. We aren't over here discussing quantum theory... ain't nobody got time for that lol.
Mazull 7 months ago
I can think of reasons to have an abortion, but none of these are it.
Zulrajas 7 months ago
I understand what you are saying, but disagree. I think you are successfully 'preventing it from happening' if something is very infrequent. It would be inappropriate to raise the penalty on an infrequent crime as a deterrent, since something is doing that job successfully.
Daizshura 7 months ago
I beg to differ. Watching the science channel I have a rudimentary understanding of how most of what makes up matter is nothing (empty spaces) and most of the rest is energy. Matter consists of atoms. Atoms have a nucleus of protons and neutrons made of sub-atomic particles that are types of persistent energy and higgs bosons in a Higg Field of energy. If that nucleus were the size of a baseball the electrons that sort of orbit by popping into and out of existence in different locations would range from 10 football fields to many miles away with nothing in between, So basically everything is mostly nothing...
Nerr 7 months ago
I like this exercise!
Meztilrajas 7 months ago
If she went over the line prosecute her!
Gardakus 7 months ago
WHO TOLD YOU?! We were going to tell you that when you were ready!!
Kilar 6 months ago
You were scared into believing. That is what indoctrination does.
Nibei 6 months ago
"IMVHO it's OPP. What are Abortion questions doing in religion? It's a
Bramuro 6 months ago
You mean that you have witnessed. Paul and John and the other apostles say differently. Why should I take your word over theirs?
Mazujind 6 months ago
Your theology is fictional.
Kajigami 6 months ago
So true. I think a dividing line would lie in motivation. Am I lifting this person up, or putting them down? Thank you for your thoughts, Heyo ???????
Akinozshura 6 months ago
Wouldn't be the first time, would it?
Yorisar 5 months ago
Zulkizahn 5 months ago
There's two (2) ways:
Zolonris 5 months ago
Not gonna lie, read that as PBR.
Mazukora 5 months ago
Actually working in absolutes is a sure way to get things wrong.
Faejind 5 months ago
Okay, I think we're arguing two different things.
Meziktilar 5 months ago
I'm so sorry. (((hugs)))
Akirn 5 months ago
Yes, you can.
Zoloshicage 4 months ago
Clearly you never read the bible. Find some friends to wash your feet.

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